Precision Printing – 50 years in business

We’re proudly celebrating 50 years of business as Precision Printing. That’s right, 50 years! We’ve been serving the print industry since way back in 1966. Precision Printing is a family business founded by Clive Cooper back in the 60s – his stepson CEO Gary Peeling has played a key role in the success of the company.

Precision began on Central Street, London. At the age of 20, Clive dreamed of starting a print shop and, in 1966 when he had an opportunity to acquire and re-brand any existing printers, he did just that! Precision Printing was born and thus our legacy began.

Printing developments

(1980 – Stitched book)

Trends are constantly changing – they have come and gone over the years, we have seen it all. 1966 was the era of the letterpress, letters and short runs. The 70s and 80s were for producing general stationery, stitched books, long runs and GTOs, rather than the more elaborate products of today like lay flat books. Business stationery was produced in mass and often stored in stock.

Now, 50 years on the industry is more about personalised direct mail, lay-flat books, framed prints, digitally printed short runs and LED UV offset.

(2017 – Lay flat)

Gary Peeling explains:

“Now the printing business is digitally-driven and, when once we had a typesetter or compositor, we now have a software development department and the business is entirely run from a digital front-end, so it’s been a huge transition.

“When we first started, you’d be lucky to have an estimate in three days. We now print and ship same-day up to 50,000 orders a day in the on-demand space, so there’s been a huge transformation.”

(1966 – Letterpress)

Trends are not the only thing changing – technology is evolving all the time. Today with the help of short-run digital press, long runs are no longer required as print on demand is more economical all round. Business cards were generally artworked proofed, proofed again and finally sent to print with a window of normally two weeks to turn around. Today these are turned around same day with the customer more often than not placing their own order online, so no artworker at all is involved!

Something to be proud of

It goes without saying that we were delighted to get the opportunity to work with American Express – a company that requires no introduction, the name speaks for itself! When the world’s largest card provider turned to physical printed media and Precision to make a big impression on small businesses in the high street, we welcomed it with open arms. As engagement soared, the results were startling, so much so, that we have run the campaign for the last four years.

How the future looks

Every company needs to constantly be moving forward to stay in the game – standing still in a competitive environment is no good.

We are always looking for new ways to strive forward and be diverse hence Precision’s drive with Where the Trade Buys, our online print solution for trade printers. Where the Trade Buys is our fastest-growing revenue stream, growing by 80% in 2016.

A relocation in July this year, to a larger site, means we have the facilities to cater to all our needs. The relocation will make room for a new packing and mailing service and a whole new level of technology.

With a relocation, and new developments in technology Precision will still strive towards success but we will never forget our roots nor overlook what has been the key to our continued success – our staff, customers and continued commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and quality products. Our customers and our commitment to the highest standards of quality and aftercare remain our number one priority. We remain passionate about providing print solutions that work for our customers.

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