Play matchmaker this Valentine’s day with Spritzr

Are you tired of watching your friends stay home on Valentine’s day? Do you feel so bad that you invite them along to act as the third wheel on your date? What if someone created a free matchmaking app that let you use your social networks and matchmaking instincts to find your all of your friends some dates? Well, that is exactly what the Spritzr dating app allows you to do.

What Is Spritzr?

Spritzr is a new mobile dating for Android and iTunes matchmaker app that lets works in two different ways. If you are single, it works similar to a standard dating app, allowing you to start conversations with potential matches send to you by people you know.

If you’re already involved in a relationship, but have a lot of single friends, you can use Spritzr to comb through your social networks and suggest potential relationship matches to any and all of your single friends.

The Benefits Of Using Spritzr

The unique hallmark of the Spritzr app is that you are not going to be matched up with complete strangers. Your matches will mostly come in the form of recommendations from your friends. While you might not know the person, they refer to you, it is someone that they know in one form or another. This helps to eliminate some of the awkwardness that comes from blinding communicating with strangers and leads to quicker connections.

If you are looking for love this Valentine’s day, or are looking to help your nearest and dearest friends find love, then the Spritzr matchmaking app is definitely for you. Simply hop on over to your favorite app store and download the app today. In a matter of minutes, you will be playing Cupid and helping spread the joy of dating to family and friends.

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