24 Aug 2015

Considering a Career in Urban Planning

Choosing a career can be a difficult decision to make, especially as the cost of education has increased quite drastically both at home and abroad. Today, when you pick a course of study and a career path, one of the major questions you have to ask is whether or not

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19 Aug 2015

Getting to know your clients: best communication advice for businesses

We all know that it is good to talk, but when you hear this phrase do you just think about friends and family? Communication is our primary tool and we should use it in all of our relationships, business as well as personal. Talking is good Communication helps you to

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01 Aug 2015

Construction Innovation – Anti Ceiling Leak Stretch Tech

If there is a leak above a normal ceiling it can be expensive to repair. Barrisol Welch specialise in installing stretch ceilings that have the ability to protect your property from leaks. If there is a leak above your ceiling the Barrisol material is flexible enough to collect the water

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28 Jul 2015

Do over 65’s know what Cloud Computing is?

A survey conducted by Webfusion in 2013 found that two thirds of UK consumers didn’t know what ‘the cloud’ was. At that time there was a lack of knowledge around cloud computing, but now that the cloud is being widely used in business and in the home in order to

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28 Jul 2015

Finding The Perfect Candidate on Linkedin

In a competitive employee market it’s a challenge finding the right candidates for your small business or start-up. Lucas Blake have provided us with this useful infographic outlining how to maximise your Linkedin company page to attract new talent. Helpful tips including showing cases by employees, using video media, writing

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22 Jul 2015

Avoiding the Top Financial Planning Pitfalls as You Approach Retirement

Every year, countless people approach retirement with the worrying realisation that their private pension is not going to be enough to live on.  According to a recent survey carried out by Prudential, more than one in seven of those planning to retire in 2015 will either be totally or heavily

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