24 Oct 2018

The world’s best workplaces and how to enhance your company with a ‘happy office’

There are many reasons why companies strive to have the best office possible. From boosting productivity to enhancing staff, a company should always invest in the look and tone of their office. Find out why workplace décor can benefit your business and how you can incorporate key interior design trends

23 Oct 2018

Little-Known Employment Laws That Can Mess With Your Business

Seasoned entrepreneurs know the importance of ensuring that they comply with relevant employment laws before hiring people, but those new to the world of business often make mistakes, and this can land them in serious legal trouble. The last thing your startup wants is a legal liability for failing to

19 Oct 2018

The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Project Management

Whether you’re developing software, launching products or building buildings, you’re managing on a project by project basis. The very success of your firm depends on effective project management. We could go into great detail on the right ways to run a project, but sometimes people need a few short rules

19 Oct 2018

3 Employee Health Risks All Business Owners Need To Address

With the right employees, a business can flourish, reaching new heights, fostering growth opportunities, and ultimately driving profits. Given the importance of employee input into your business, it makes sense to ensure that your employees can perform their designated roles to the best of their ability. For most entrepreneurs, this

18 Oct 2018

An insight into how the internet works

You use the internet all the time. You use it to send emails, post pictures on Instagram, watch YouTube videos, perform online background checks, etc. You’re even using it right now to read this article. But, you’re probably not aware of how it all works, and perhaps more importantly, why

12 Oct 2018

Ways to Improve the Online Aspect of Your Business

Every business has an online aspect, or at least they should do. If your business is not currently paying as much attention as it should to the online aspect of things, that’s something that really needs to change sooner rather than later. By doing so, you will be able to