17 Sep 2018

What Is the Importance of Business Uniforms?

Wearing uniforms is a practice every one of us had to go through at some point in life. Perhaps it was at school, training center, you are a nurse? Police officer? It is a notion that most of us detest and would rather scrap off that option. Have you ever

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14 Sep 2018

How Technology Is Helping the Environment

There’s no getting around the fact that technology has been something of a disaster for the environment. It all began with the industrial revolution, which used up natural resources in highly inefficient ways, and which set a trend that lasted well more than a hundred years. But if primitive technology

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14 Sep 2018

How Best To Learn To Invest?

In recent years, the field of investment has become a much more accessible one. With easy to use tools hitting the market, more people than ever before are getting involved with this sort of venture, and this has creating a huge industry for businesses providing support. Of course, though, it

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04 Sep 2018

The Ultimate Gadget Gift List

If there is a significant birthday on the horizon for someone special in your life, you can’t go far wrong in scouring the market for the latest gadgets to source for the birthday boy or girl. While the world of technology and gizmos was once dominated heavily by male testosterone,

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03 Sep 2018

Is Your Product As Appealing As It Could Be?

If you are in the eCommerce or distribution business, maybe you designed your unique products and are planning on launching it now, it is important that you focus on the product element of the marketing mix. If you don’t want to waste time and money in your product development, it

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31 Aug 2018

This decade’s strangest fitness fads

“If you drink this tea/coffee/juice,” says the packet of the Latest Fitness Trend™, “you will lose those pesky pounds that just won’t succumb to your self-imposed cake-ban.” Even sceptics might find they pause a moment before putting the packet back with a scoff; after all, there’s something instinctively tempting about

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