28 Feb 2017

Keeping Traffic Flowing To Your Business’s Website

Building a website is an important first step to having web presence. But the internet is a crowded place and simply owning a site is no longer enough – you have to put in a little extra work to start seeing the visitors flooding in. Here are some extra things

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27 Feb 2017

Lose Your Competitive Advantage And You Will Fail

It doesn’t matter what type of business you, own what sector you operate in or where you operate out of, the market is most definitely saturated with competition, and stiff competition at that. It is just the nature of business these days. Sure, there may have been a time when

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23 Feb 2017

B.I.T.E. : Business Images To Explore

The big aspect of getting your company to fly, your business to grow, and customers to have faith in you is your image. Your overall personality as a company will do more for you than projected sales figures and the most up to date business tools. Having the right image

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23 Feb 2017

4 Reasons Strong Communication Is Important In Business

No matter what your business might do on a daily basis, one of its most important features is that of being able to communicate easily and freely between staff. The nature of the communication in any workplace is likely to be a reliable indicator of what that business is like

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22 Feb 2017

Secure Yourself and Your Servers from Online Crime

Online crime is just as, if not more, rife than ‘real world’ crime in this day and age. Quite frankly, the reason for this is because it suits criminals down to the ground: it is a way for them to get money in a lazy way. Instead of going out

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20 Feb 2017

Crashes Hurt So Avoid One With Your Website

Your website is important for everything from reflecting your personality to selling units products. Today, there isn’t much a website can’t do for a company, which is why it always need to be online. A site that goes offline reflects a bad image and contributes to a loss of earnings.

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