02 Aug 2016

Is The Social Media Market Overcrowded For Small Businesses?

These days, it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t have some form of social media presence. The young are embracing it, the elderly are getting their heads around it, and business owners thrive off of it. It has gotten to a point where social media is now a basic necessity

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01 Aug 2016

When To Say “No!” To More Borrowing For Your Business

When you are in the process of starting a business, your mind is focused on making it work. You have got your idea, your business plan and a single determination to make it work. Knowing that you have spotted a gap in the market or have something extra to add

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01 Aug 2016

6 Golden Rules For Dealing WIth A Tax Investigation

It doesn’t matter how squeaky clean you are or how well you run your business. If the IRS comes knocking, it can put the fear of God into the most experienced company owner. After all, there is an awful lot at stake – you could face fines, business closure, or

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31 Jul 2016

Can you create a great presentation without PowerPoint?

When people think about creating an effective presentation they general think about PowerPoint; just like when people think about uploading documents online they often think about pdf files. It may surprise you that there are other options in both of these circumstances. If you want to create online publications that

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28 Jul 2016

The Worst Things Retail Businesses Can Do for Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of almost any business. Even companies that don’t deal with people face-to-face need to deliver excellent service. Retail is obviously one of the industries where gold standard customer service is vital. Employees have to deal with many customers on a daily basis. They should be

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27 Jul 2016

Growing A Business: 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Growing a business has never been easy. But there are companies out there who seem to be actively undermining their potential. If you want to be successful, this has to stop. Small enterprises need to change the way they operate to be more growth oriented. That means taking more strategic

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