25 Jul 2017

Bettering Yourself While Gathering Wealth

Most people aren’t entirely happy with their job. Far too often do people find themselves in a career which doesn’t fall in line with their dreams and ambitions as a youngster. Instead, they will work in a job which they don’t enjoy, simply to make ends meet. This is a

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24 Jul 2017

How the post-digital generation is transforming the workplace

Did you know that there were 10.55 more smartphones per user than there were employees across the UK when 2017 began? That statistic is based on the Labour Force Survey outlining that there were 31.85 million people in employment throughout the country as of January 2017, coupled with the fact

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18 Jul 2017

5 Of the Best Certification Paths to Take When Working in IT

A career should always remain exciting, challenging and engaging, which is why it is important to always look to improve your skills and work your way up the ladder. When it comes to an IT career, the technological world is advancing on a daily basis and it is best you

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17 Jul 2017

How to Design a Business Card That Gets Noticed

How many times have you made a new acquaintance at a networking event, become engaged in discussion, suggested you exchange contact details, and they do not have a business card? Or perhaps it was you who was unprepared. Either way, it is a situation that simply should not happen. I

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13 Jul 2017

Precision Printing – 50 years in business

We’re proudly celebrating 50 years of business as Precision Printing. That’s right, 50 years! We’ve been serving the print industry since way back in 1966. Precision Printing is a family business founded by Clive Cooper back in the 60s – his stepson CEO Gary Peeling has played a key role

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12 Jul 2017

5 Reasons Tech is the Go-To Industry For Millennials

Look around: it’s boom time. From what was up until recently a relatively niche industry has exploded into one of the most in demand, forward-thinking, well-paying industries around. For millennials – and for that matter, anybody else – curious about which industry they should choose for their career, it all

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