31 Jul 2018

How time & attendance software can help business owners and their employees:

What is time & attendance software? At the lowest resolution time and attendance software is a system that requires employees to manually clock in and out of shifts. Businesses use it, so they can optimize the hours their employees work and pay them more accurately. Is it micromanaging? It is

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21 Jul 2018

Marvellous Methods to Keep Your Marine and Boat Business Moving

When you were younger you always had a passion for marine life and sea creatures. You are now doing what you truly love and you want to make it the best it can possibly be. Although all marine based businesses are going to slightly different there are some basic principles

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19 Jul 2018

How Well Is Your Website Doing?

If you’re someone who has an online business, your website is your life. No matter if you’re retailing or just blogging your daily ins and outs, it’s a way for your to connect and do business with customers and investors alike. After all, it’s the place you post all your

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19 Jul 2018

What Makes a Business Appealing?

If businesses do not appeal to their customers then they will not attract their custom, and that’ll only ever result in no profit being made. Do you really want your business to be making no profit? Of course you don’t, so make sure it is appealing to both its target

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18 Jul 2018

Ideas for a Unique Bus Business

When you think of a bus, you think of public transport getting you from A to B. However, they have the scope to be much more! We’re all aware of street food van vendors, but it’s time for the bus to pull up and get a new identity. If you

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17 Jul 2018

How Business Owners Should Spend Their First Paycheck

After months or even years of hard work, your company is finally making a profit. Instead of paying yourself the bare minimum, you can afford to give yourself a proper paycheck. It’s a glorious moment for all business owners and there is a temptation to go out and start spending

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