17 Jan 2019

Why should you build a better customer relationship?

Customers are a vital part of business in every sector and without good customer service you are giving your competitors an edge over you. Good customer service relies on the relationships you and your staff make with customers; maintaining these relationships is paramount to a successful business. But what makes

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07 Jan 2019

How to Choose Private Label Suppliers for Your AgriTech Business

The agriculture industry is advancing at a rapid pace thanks to new startups in the AgriTech business. Just as many FinTech companies disrupted the financial world, AgriTech startups are bringing new approaches, better technologies, and innovative products to the landscape. The demand for new products and solutions is high; now

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04 Jan 2019

High Street Survival: Are Department Stores Allowing Brands To Grow?

Although the high street in some cases in declining, there are a number of brands who are thriving through this. Could this be down to the number of its concessions rather than physical stores? Read on, as we compare the success of concession stores with regular standing shops and discuss

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19 Dec 2018

It’s Time for Companies to Embrace Remote Work

In the past, it made a lot of sense for people to go into the office to work because everything they needed to get the job done was available in the office. Things like desktop computers, printers, and fax machines were mostly only available in the office, making the office

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18 Dec 2018

Three driving apps every motorist should be using in 2019

Your smartphone’s app store is a hub that’s certainly bustling with activity, especially when you consider that Statista predicted that 197 billion mobile app downloads were recorded successfully in 2017 alone. As there’s close to 7.7 billion people living on Earth currently, these stats translate to almost 25 apps being

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17 Dec 2018

Dubai’s Dynamic Tower will be the first shape-shifting skyscraper in history

Dubai is an extravagant city, famous to be both modern and luxurious. By 2020, the city’s dramatic skyline is to have a particularly unique addition, called the Dynamic Tower of Dubai, which will be the first shape-shifting skyscraper in history. Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture was inspired for

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