27 Jan 2018

10 Ideas That Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

In the world of business, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on innovation – and for a very good reason. Because if you’re not innovating, then you’re not pushing your business as far as it can be pushed. But it can be really hard to keep on pushing ideas –

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25 Jan 2018

The Real Way To Get Customers On Board

If you regularly struggle with trying to get enough customers to come flocking to your business, you are not alone. Many business owners suffer with this problem ,and the truth is that it can be surprisingly hard to get it right. But there are also many things you can do

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24 Jan 2018

The Money We Make When We’re Not At Work

In the UK, we usually say that a working week is between 35 and 40 hours. However, we all know that these are just ball-park figures and even strict employers say that it’s unrealistic to expect 100% productivity from employees. In reality, there are numerous distractions that we face every

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22 Jan 2018

Business Blunders & How To Prevent Them

As much as you may wish that things would be plain sailing, when it comes to business, this isn’t always the case. It’s only natural that you’re going to encounter issues from time to time. While some of these are always going to be minor, and barely set you back,

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21 Jan 2018

A Business In The Palm Of Your Hand: There’s An App For That

Technology is a powerful and disruptive force for change that has revolutionised all of our working lives. In a relatively short space of time, working practices have wholly adapted to complement the technologies that surround us. And we now have access to so much computing power in our pockets –

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17 Jan 2018

Organising Business Records

When you are running your small business, one of the most confusing and tedious tasks is keeping your files completely organised and trying not to end up with a mountain of paper in your store room. Knowing what to do with different types of records is something which you will

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