02 Sep 2015

How Technology Is Changing the Way We Read

Technology affects our daily lives on a daily basis and as advancements seem to be happening more quickly than ever, we find ourselves doing things that were a mere speculation, fantastical idea or farfetched dream only a few years ago. For example, would your 14-year-old high school student self ever

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01 Sep 2015

Business tools that maximise employee productivity

Productivity is very important in the business world. When your firm is more productive, profits are increased, and costs are sometimes lowered. There are many ways to increase the productivity of your employees. Here are a few tips for making sure your workplace is safe and productive. Good communication system

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01 Sep 2015

Apple iPhone event announced for September 9

In what has become an annual tradition, Apple sent out invitations to the press for an event they are hosting on September 9, 2015. The venue for this event is the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The venue sits up to 7,000 people, and they all will be

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30 Aug 2015

Why having two jobs is not necessarily a bad thing

What with the lower wages, pay freezes and ever increasing inflation that seems to have taken a vice-like hold on the entire western world, more and more employees are looking to a second source of income to soothe their financial woes. A Second Job might sound like a fate worse

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24 Aug 2015

Considering a Career in Urban Planning

Choosing a career can be a difficult decision to make, especially as the cost of education has increased quite drastically both at home and abroad. Today, when you pick a course of study and a career path, one of the major questions you have to ask is whether or not

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19 Aug 2015

Getting to know your clients: best communication advice for businesses

We all know that it is good to talk, but when you hear this phrase do you just think about friends and family? Communication is our primary tool and we should use it in all of our relationships, business as well as personal. Talking is good Communication helps you to

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