21 Nov 2018

The rise of the side business

Nowadays, having more than one job is becoming more popular, with a fifth of workers in the UK considering the opportunity — especially the millennial generation. The term ‘side hustle’ was originally coined in the 1950s and is defined as ‘a way to make money from your passion, interest or

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14 Nov 2018

Detailing the New Technology That Border Control Forces are Getting to Grips With

A country or a bloc of countries will take their border controls very seriously, due to the measures enabling nations to regulate the movement of people, goods and animals. Here, we check out some of the new pieces of technology that is helping border control forces to perform their incredibly

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13 Nov 2018

How To Better Satisfy Your Customers

Being able to better satisfy your customers should be at the top of your priority list if you’re in business and want to ultimately succeed. Without happy clients, you risk your company struggling to stay afloat and make it long-term in a competitive landscape. The good news is that you

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13 Nov 2018

The Secret To Engaging Your Brand’s Audience

Engagement is critical if you want your business to be successful. After all, it’s through engagement that we encourage and convince potential customers to take valid actions such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing a post. With that in mind, it’s time your company’s digital

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12 Nov 2018

Dollar strong – sterling suffers in latest forex news

Forex traders will as always be keeping a close eye on the world political situation, and how it affects the financial markets and relative currency values. The worth of different currencies generally reflects the strength of that nation’s economy, but other factors can also come into play. The one thing

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08 Nov 2018

Food wastage in the UK

Companies within the hospitality and catering sector should have an effective waste management strategy put in place to ensure that they’re complying with the duty of care that’s required by the UK government. For every business, the main goal is to make a profit. One of the last things that

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