04 Apr 2019

A new view for construction: how AI is influencing the industry

AI is transforming the way countless sectors operate, and that is no exception for the construction industry. By harnessing robotics, construction managers can utilise intelligent machines that can perform routine tasks that were once completed by humans, such as bricklaying. Alternatively, AI systems can collate and organise information for engineers

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05 Mar 2019

History’s most famous typos

In an age of autocorrect and spell-checker software, you’d think that typos would be a thing of the past. Sadly, even the most eagle-eyed of us have fallen foul to a mis-typed word, an omission, or the occasional keyboard-mashing birth of an entirely new word. For most of us, such

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05 Mar 2019

How do buildings across the world use climate control technology?

Our building designs are becoming increasingly more complicated and climate control technology is becoming widely used to keep our buildings at the optimum temperature. Whether it’s the middle of a desert or the seaside, our buildings need to be designed to keep workers cool. But how do the world’s buildings

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01 Mar 2019

Say goodbye to low-carb diets

We’ve all heard people talking about “cutting carbs” when they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s not always the best way to improve your health. Carbohydrates are important energy providers and vital to muscle repair and gain, making them essential to a diet when you’re training regularly. Read on as

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26 Feb 2019

Inspired waste solutions

We are already creating approximately 2.12 billion tonnes of waste around the world every single year, and this figure is set to increase to 4 billion tonnes in 2100. While the world’s leading authorise are working tirelessly to address the matter, the truth of it is that the responsibility falls

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21 Feb 2019

A Guide to Promoting Strong Mental Health in the Workplace

Many external factors can drive down mental health and attitudes, including negative stories reported in the media related to political climate and the economy. Business owners may have limited control over such matters, however they can impact their staff morale positively within their office space. It’s great to see mental

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