Myths About The Internet You’d Be Crazy To Believe

You might think that the internet is a fairly simple thing to understand. Click on a search engine and hey presto, you’re searching online. But there are a lot of myths and legends floating around about the internet that far too many people believe. Perhaps it’s time to dispel a few of these and wrestle the truth back from the jaws of fantasy.

Everything Is Monitored And Recorded

This isn’t even remotely true. The amount of power, technology and resources it would take to do this would be phenomenal. Even China, where internet restrictions truly are legendary, don’t have the power to do this. Think of internet monitoring like speaking on a phone call. If you say keywords on a phone call, you might end up getting that phone red flagged. This may mean that it ends up being listened to by someone higher up, but it’s unlikely. Once they listen to the call, they’ll probably discover the red flag keyword was a joke or used in a completely different context. The same is true online, and in most cases, your internet history will only be viewed, accessed or recorded if you’re already suspected of a crime. Although, if you are really paranoid about this, the best option is to use a VPN. You can find out more about these private networks on But basically, they allow you to surf anonymously, to a point. Once you get into the nitty gritty details it’s not quite as simple as that but it’s pretty darn close.

It Will Get You Rich Quick

Nope, afraid not and we can look at blogging as an example of this. Many people think that blogging is a quick way to earn a fortune. Well, let’s clear this up, becoming a successful blogger isn’t a fast process. And once you are successful, you probably won’t be making nearly as much as you thought. The majority of bloggers earn well below the minimum wage. And even focusing on it full time, most don’t garner the interest to quit their day job. As for becoming a Youtuber, it is possible to make millions doing this. But, your chances of reaching that level of fame and fortune are roughly the same as you winning the lottery.

You Can Accidentally Access The Deep Web

No, sorry that argument is not going to stand up in court. If you’re on the deep web, you wanted to be there. To even gain access you need to use a specific server because it’s obviously not accessible through your typical search engine. It is possible to download servers like this, but it takes a lot of work. Once you’re on the deep web, you have to be very careful too. Almost every site on the deep web is illegal and even chat forums often contain information and images that are incredibly dangerous. The deep web is also massive and makes up 99.007 percent of the entire internet. That’s right when you surf online you’re seeing a tiny fraction of what’s really there.

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