Must-Have Tools For Small Businesses

Starting your own business can b difficult, and you often run into roadblocks that you never expected. These aren’t just to do with startup funding. They also have a lot to do with how limited your time is, your total manpower as well as your ever-increasing workload. When the bills start rolling in, things can get even more challenging.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of helpful and convenient tools that can help startup founders rushed off their feet make better use of their time. When you’ve got the right tools around you, you’ll quickly be on your way from panic-stricken mess to confident and successful business leader (with a bit more spare time on your hands).

Website Templates

One of the ways that you can get a significant online presence for your business up and running quickly is through website templates. Although they don’t have the functionality you’d get from something bespoke, they’re essentially free and a great way to ingratiate yourself with your customers. Most of these site builders come with a no coding promise, meaning that you don’t have to go away and study how computer code is put together and implemented in a website content. Instead, everything is menu-based, a little bit like Photoshop.

People who have stronger backgrounds in tech can also take advantage of the app markets on some of these template builders, like Wix, which offer increased functionality. For instance, you might want to add a form for people to fill in on your website, telling you the exact product that they are interested in. These forms can then be used to follow up customers and generate conversions.

Management Software

Managing all your contracts and forms can be a massive hassle, especially if you do it using paper. What’s more, you’ll have to spend a load of money on the raw materials, as well as a trained person to process it all. It’s not good for the environment, and it’s not good for your company image. Enterprise contract management software offers a potential solution. Thanks to the cloud, it’s now possible to for businesses to keep track of and manage all of their contracts with suppliers in real-time from any computer. No more spending hours and hours filing paperwork away and manually signing off tasks.

Mailer Programs

Marketing emails have gotten a bit of a bad rap recently because of the fact that they are “outbound” marketing solutions. In other words, you have to go to your customer: your customer doesn’t voluntarily come to you.

But given that email marketing is essentially free once you’ve put together a snazzy email, most people still think it’s worthwhile. With that said, no all email promotion platforms are created equal. If you try to spam your customers through a regular Google business email, Google will actually block those emails going out, and you’ll be left wondering why some people got your message and others didn’t.

The solution to all this madness is to use tools like Mailchimp which don’t restrict the number of emails you can send out at any given time.

Small business owners could also encourage their employers to continue their education. That could mean going back to school and taking a GRE online course to get their MBA. This will make employees more valuable and give them an opportunity to grow in the company with a better skill set.

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