Musio- The Robot That Can Talk

The advancements in technology has allowed humans to create robots for some time now, and right now, we have robots that are modeled after animals, that can jump over hurdles, there are self-folding robots that can one day carry out surgery on humans, and now, there is a robot that you can talk to, and will talk back to you.

AKA, a Korean based firm has created an adorable new robot called Musio, which you can talk to, and will talk back to you. Musio is an Android based prototype that was originally created to help Asian people improve their English speaking skills, but is now being sold as a kind, crazy, and smart friend that you always wanted.

According to the creators, Musio uses artificial intelligence and deep learning, which allows it to chat with people. It also learns new things from the conversations it has with a person, kind of like Siri and Google Now. The artificial intelligence helps it to grow with you, which means that it easily adapts to you, and can actually respond to your moods, so you don’t have to worry about it bothering you when you want to be left alone.

Musio not only chats with you, it can also be used to set reminders, and send emails. If you are in the mood, Musio can also tell jokes, but the jury is still out if they will be funny or not. In addition to the joke telling and other stuff it does, Musio can also answer questions that you ask it, like Siri and Google Now.

Another cool feature Musio has is the ability to connect to other devices using Bluetooth, because it allows it to control the lights in your house, the air conditioning and heating, as well as other appliances and devices that can be connected with Bluetooth, which makes Musio very handy if you are in a lazy mood and don’t want to get up, or if you aren’t home.

Right now, Musio can be purchased on Indiegogo, and the going rate for the basic version is $159. If you are interested in getting the chatty version of Musio, you should be able to get your hands on one for $559. Right now, the developers of Musio are trying to get funding so they can make more of it, and they are almost halfway to their target goal of $50,000.

From all the information gathered about Musio, it sounds like something that will be fun to have, just to see how the artificial intelligence allows it to adapt to people, and at its current price, I might have to go out and get me one.

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