Modern Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

In many respects, our contemporary workplaces are very much improved from their predecessors in past decades; however, we all recognize that there are still workplace hazards that can pose a threat to health and safety today. This is of particular concern to smaller enterprises, many of which are unable to invest in expensive risk audits or regular safety assessments. Despite this, of course, all employers have a duty of care towards their employees, and everyone knows that a happy and healthful workforce delivers higher productivity and benefits from greater job satisfaction. Here are a few things that you can look out for in your place of work, whether you are a conscientious employer or a concerned member of staff.

Back pain

This is a common problem that can be triggered by bending awkwardly, using incorrect lifting techniques, or merely adopting a poor posture when sitting or standing. As an employer, you can provide useful general advice to your employees about how to ensure their posture is correct for the job they’re doing. You’ll find that a lot of information is available online on the Department of Labor website. There are useful exercises that help back pain sufferers, and if you are one of those who use a keyboard, remember to make sure you keep your forearms in a horizontal position and your elbows at right angles.


Another hazard for workers who use computers on a regular basis is the problem of eyestrain. This can occur when you are exposed to screens or monitors for long periods of time without a break. It can also be a problem for drivers covering long distances in short periods of time. Symptoms can be unpleasant and may include one or more of blurred vision; headache; and tired, sore, or itching eyes. To prevent eyestrain, take regular screen breaks or rest periods, and make the most of any healthcare benefits that your employer might provide. For example, though cataracts are not preventable and occur naturally with aging, they are definitely treatable, and some health schemes make provision for treatment. You may also consider taking advantage of laser eye treatment.


High blood pressure or hypertension can cause serious illnesses and conditions, such as strokes and heart attacks; however, it is difficult to diagnose as there are few symptoms. If your workload doesn’t permit much time for exercise, and if you become overweight or obese, you are more at risk of developing high blood pressure. Aim to reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol, stop smoking, and eat more fruit and vegetables to counter the effects.

Finally, excess psychological stress, including tension and emotional exhaustion, may cause depression and mental illness in workers. This is particularly the case in workplaces that develop a toxic culture of bullying or mistreatment that becomes part of the company culture. Mental health is just as important as physical health in the workplace, and every employer and employee needs to be aware of the behavioral hazards that can lead to such a contaminated working environment.

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