Microsoft HoloLens- What Is It?

One of the highly anticipated features that computers with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system will have, is the new Microsoft HoloLens. This will make Windows 10 the first platform to support holographic computing, with the use of APIs, which allow users to make gestures, gaze, and use voice commands on an untethered device.

The Microsoft HoloLens is not to be confused with a virtual reality simulator, because it is a see through holographic computer that allows you to see high definition holographs that seamlessly integrate with your personal space and things, in what is being referred to as mixed reality.

With the Microsoft HoloLens, you will be able to still see what is in front of you and around you in the room that you are in. In addition to that, you will also be able to see holographic images that have been programmed into it. You can customize those images to your liking, or depending on the apps that you use the most. Instead of having to go through a lot of menu screens and folders, these apps will be displayed on your wall every time that you use the HoloLens, which makes it very easy to access.

If you have a tendency to be late to meetings, you can have an appointment app displayed on your wall anytime that you use the HoloLens, which will serve as a daily reminder of the activities that you have scheduled for the day or week. The HoloLens has other interesting features, one of which occurs with the video player. When you are watching a video with HoloLens, all you have to say is “follow me,” and you can actually keep moving around, and the video will follow you as you go.

While there is a lot of fun to be had with the HoloLens, it is also a very useful tool for work, especially for creative people. The HoloLens can be used to bring plans and designs to life, giving you a three dimensional view of anything you are working on. This allows you to get a better visual of what you are doing, especially for architects and engineers. The HoloLens can also be used as a learning tool for both kids and adults, and to play games.

From what we have seen, the Microsoft HoloLens is destined to be the next big thing, but since the company hasn’t announced its expected release date, or how much it will be sold for, all we can do is hope that it is released as soon as possible.

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