Making Money From Your Farm Without Livestock and Crops

Farms are generally associated with keeping and raising livestock and selling it to make a profit. It’s the most common way to go about it as well and, while there is certainly nothing wrong with it, some small-scale farmers choose to make a living without keeping livestock. Their methods may be a bit more unusual than conventional farming, but they make a living nonetheless by finding gaps in the market.

Here is how you can up your farming game without livestock and crops, making use of other resources instead.

Open barn

While it’s true that there’s a lot of money in livestock, depending on the kind of animal you choose to farm with, you can easily find ways to make up for the loss by opening up your farm or barn to tourists. Every city-dweller would love to spend a weekend away by checking into your cozy bed & breakfast, for example, or even pitch up a tent on the land you’ve opened up as a camping site.

Farm life is appealing to many, and if you keep a small vegetable garden as well, you’ll even be able to offer your visitors a very short-traveled meal as well. Your barn or room will be booked out for the entire summer, in other words.

You’ll be a part of the hospitality industry as well as a farmer which is just the kind of friendly host people are looking for. Have a look at this article to prepare your barn or spare room for Airbnb, for example, or let locals rummage your land with their metal detectors instead.

Horseback riding lessons

There’s a lot to do with animals that don’t involve eating them or shaving off their wool. Horses are fantastic animals to keep and, although they do need quite some space to be happy, you’ll be able to make a bit of money by offering horseback riding lessons. The farm needs a riding arena as well as a safe path mapped out for when your young pupils are ready for a trip out in nature – and preferably an experienced teacher.

Just a few horses open up for a lot of possibilities, and they will make your farm life so much richer – and not just with regards to money. Give them the space they need to roam and run, make sure they have a horse partner or two to socialize with and go spread the word.


When you’re not too interested in having guests over for the night, you can consider opening a restaurant look-alike by offering an authentic farm meal experience. Even a small vegetable garden can be enough to cook up delicious vegetarian meals for your guests, but remember to look into the rules and regulations in your area; some states require you to have an upscale commercial kitchen as well as bathroom facilities.

You can host it off-site, though, until you have the kind of kitchen the government wants you to have.

Livestock isn’t all the rage, really, when you know how to meet the demands of the market. A small-to-medium sized farm can easily make money by hosting guests, offering meals, and treating the locals to horseback riding, without depending on anything but yourself.

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