Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter With These Cool Gadgets

Smartphones are already incredibly cool as they are, it’s no wonder we’re all constantly glued to the things. We have access to essentially powerful little computers that we carry around in our pocket, we’re always connected to the internet and we can work, play, socialise, organise and much more with our phones. But there are devices we can use along with them which can make them even more fun, here are just a few examples!


In the grand scheme of things, drones are relatively new pieces of technology- but in the years that they’ve been around they’ve taken off massively. Amazon are currently testing drones to use as delivery vehicles and in the next few years they state that seeing them delivering parcels will be as normal as seeing trucks in the road. Drones are used by the police and other emergency services, and are a popular hobby too. You can buy toy drone units that will fly using nothing but an app and an internet connection, and can be lots of fun on a still day. If you were the type of child that loved flying things like toy helicopters, then this is a fun bit of nostalgia with a twist!

VR Gaming Headsets

Virtual reality has made some fantastic progress in recent times- if you’re interested in this kind of technology then it’s worth checking out a blog like Real New World to find out more. What this means for us as consumers is that there’s some great VR tech out there now that’s effective and not too expensive, and you can even get headsets that work with your smartphone. Take your gaming to the next level! If you’ve previously thought that VR gaming headsets were either just for consoles or were a long way of being decent in general then it’s definitely time to look again, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

One fantastic thing to come out of our use of smartphones is the ability to track our health. When you can see your information in easy to read graphs and charts on your phone, you’re not overestimating your exercise or activity or under estimating your calorie intake. Smartphones have apps that can help you track medication, symptoms, medical issues and more. But you can go a step further and purchase a smartwatch or fitness tracker. These will monitor things like your heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled, flights of stairs climbed and much more. They help you keep track of how much activity you’re doing and to what intensity. This can help you reach your goals more easily and motivates you to push yourself during workouts. They can track your sleep too so you can see if you’re getting enough- and if not, what lifestyle changes you can make to improve this. The information will be sent from your tracker to an app on your phone allowing you to see how you’re doing in an easy to understand way.

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