Mac Misfortunes To Avoid At All Costs

Often hailed as the top of the tree in computing, iMacs, MacBooks and Mac minis are not immune from problems. Luckily, there is usually a fairly simple way you can resolve such issues if you do come across them. Find out how below.

Computer says no

There is nothing more frustrating than a Mac that won’t switch on or start up. Unfortunately, these are fairly common issues that Mac users have to deal with.

Happily, though they are usually not too difficult to sort out, with many owners being able to hop on their phone and look up a step by step guide to resolve them.

Regarding the issue of your Mac not switching on, it’s usually something straightforward like the plug being knocked out of the wall, or the contrast levels being down so low that it seems like it’s off when it actually isn’t.

Startup issues may be a little more complicated to deal with, and you may be presented with three different screen scenarios. Don’t stress though because actually, this is helpful because each one is different and so need different action to be taken.

For example, a blue screen may suggest that there is a software issue. While a folder with a question mark may mean that your Mac can’t find its startup file, and a grey screen is usually a firmware problem. All of which can be sorted by checking out the advice here.

Data loss

While it may be a less common problem than with traditional PCs, data loss can still be an issue for Mac users. Something that, whether it is old episodes of your favorite TV show or vital work documents can be a real disaster.

To deal with data loss this there a number of options. The first is to take your Mac to a professional IT repair service, as they may be able to access your hard drive and find the information you have lost.  

Alternatively, you can download and use an app that deals with Mac data recovery app like Disk Drill. This is an app that is available as part of subscription service too, so it doesn’t even cost that much to use it. Something that can make it a much cheaper option than consulting a professional.

Frozen isn’t just a Disney film

Last of all, when you Mac freezes it can be so frustrating. You see the multicoloured pinwheel of death, and you know that something has gone wrong.

Luckily, Mac has cleverly built in the force option into their systems which allows you to shut down an unresponsive program or app whenever you need to. Just click command, option, and escape together or right click on the associated icon on the dock.

It is also worth investigating why your Mac has frozen in the first place to stop it happening again. It can often be due to the fact that the operating system needs updating, or your memory is reaching full capacity. Something that you can deal with by switching to cloud storage instead of using your hard drive.

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