Little Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives A Lot Less Annoying

It’s funny. When you think back to the 1990s, the world doesn’t look a lot different. There were buildings, cars and standing room only on trains. But the way we used to interact with all those things was very different indeed. If we wanted to find out what time the bus would arrive, we actually had to look at the timetable poster at the bus stop. If we wanted to meet somebody for business, we have to call them up on the telephone and then use a map to find them. From today’s perspective, it all seems rather ludicrous. And yet it is how we lived our lives a mere two decades ago.

The point of this is to make it clear that technology has made our lives easier, more comfortable and less annoying. So what else has technology allowed us to do?

Find Out Who Called You

Nothing is more annoying than having a number come up on your phone and now know who it is or what they want. In the past, you had two options. You could either pick the phone up and risk being scammed by marketers or con artists. Or you could let it ring, and risk losing clients or responding to a job offer. It was a nightmare.

But now, thanks to sites like and crowdsourcing, the problem is mostly solved. People have come together to post on millions of good and bad numbers for the benefit of others. Now anybody with an internet connection can type in a number that’s calling them and see if it’s legitimate.

Big Encyclopedias For All

Once upon a time, if you wanted to educate yourself on a topic, you had to go to the library. And, even then, you often didn’t find what you were looking for. But now we can all be scholars, thanks to the rise of wikis and blogs like and

This is another area where it’s hard to imagine life beforehand. But there was a time when people didn’t have the option to find out about something just by typing into their phone. But now, anybody can extend their brain, so to speak, by connecting to the web and using free encyclopedias.

Up-To-Date, Customised News

Most people have a passing interest in current affairs. But the problem in the past was that news was not customized. News channels had to appeal to middle-of-the-road tastes. And so it was practically impossible for them to please everybody. Now, however, news apps like Flipboard, let people customize the exact news content they receive. If they’re interested in the latest tech, they get the latest news in tech forwarded to their phone. If the economy is their bag, they’ll get news on that subject instead.

The End Of Money

Lastly, it’s worth looking at changes that are about to revolutionize our world once again. No doubt, you’ve heard about Apple Pay and Android Pay. Well, these technologies mean it’s unlikely we’ll all be carrying wallets around with us in the future. Soon, our phones will be dematerialising yet another staple of modern life. And saving men everywhere valuable pocket space.

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