13 Dec 2017

Breaking down UK road laws and their level of enforcement

The following is a list of figures and statistics covering various UK road laws, as well as an explanation of the law in question, as researched by Van Monster. The law Rule 148: Drivers in England and Wales must not smoke or allow anyone to smoke when in an enclosed

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09 Dec 2017

Tips For The Perfect Night In

There are those nights when you simply want to be entertained and sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. This is especially true if the weather’s bad or you’re not feeling well. Whether you’re spending the evening alone or with someone you love, it’s important to

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03 Dec 2017

Tips to be More Productive at Work

If there is anything common between you and the other person in the larger office in your office, then it is the fact that you both have the same number of hours in a day. So, why does he/she have the larger office, better reputation, and the better pay? If

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30 Nov 2017

Pensions map infographic: how is the UK preparing for retirement?

Online investment company and pension specialist, True Potential Investor, has produced the infographic below which provides an insight into how people of the UK are preparing for retirement. Results from Q4 2016 show that across this period a total of 5% of men and women contributed over £5,000 per month

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24 Nov 2017

5 apps to make life easier

Growing up isn’t as glamorous as you first thought. Juggling work, exercise and a social life can be tricky. Are there even enough hours in the day to fit everything in? Sometimes, it feels like there isn’t. Fear not, thankfully, there are a number of apps to make everything simple…

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