03 Jun 2018

Are you more employable with a driving license?

Have you been asked if you can drive when applying for a job role? Why is this significant to employers, and does it enhance your employability status? Together with Pass N Go, providers of driving lessons in Hartlepool in the North East, we investigate further: What’s the reason behind asking

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30 May 2018

5 Tips To Enhance Your Career In Acting

Acting is a profession that tends to have one of the broadest reaches worldwide. Actors have the privilege to work for causes that they believe. Though, it cannot be neglected that being an actor requires talent, practice with equal parts of luck into it. One needs to improve continuously to

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30 Apr 2018

Flying High: How Your Drone Can Help You Capture That Impossible Shot

Us photographers love capturing the perfect shot. You know the ones; they make the whole hobby worthwhile. In fact, that photograph can make a day’s worth of trashy pictures worth your while. There’s just one problem; the golden image is rarely easy to capture. In fact, sometimes, it can seem

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21 Mar 2018

What Can You Do with an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

If you are still looking for a major, you may be considering an interdisciplinary studies degree. While this degree allows students to take a variety of classes from varied disciplines and an interdisciplinary studies salary can be good, some students worry about being able to find a career with such

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12 Mar 2018

7 Outrageous Car Mods That Should Have Never Happened

Any car enthusiast knows that there’s no better way to show your engineering prowess and love for your ride than to kit it out with some sweet customizations. Whether it be a Tuning Guru-approved turbo or a beastly Rocket Bunny body kit, we all have our dream mods. But as

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