05 Mar 2019

How do buildings across the world use climate control technology?

Our building designs are becoming increasingly more complicated and climate control technology is becoming widely used to keep our buildings at the optimum temperature. Whether it’s the middle of a desert or the seaside, our buildings need to be designed to keep workers cool. But how do the world’s buildings

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01 Mar 2019

Say goodbye to low-carb diets

We’ve all heard people talking about “cutting carbs” when they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s not always the best way to improve your health. Carbohydrates are important energy providers and vital to muscle repair and gain, making them essential to a diet when you’re training regularly. Read on as

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21 Feb 2019

How a community stepped up to tackle the California’s wildfires

Communities across California has suffered deeply as a result of a number of wildfires that occurred over the past couple of years. There were close to 9,000 wildfire incidents that were reported throughout 2017, burning 1.2 million acres of land across the state, which is an area the same size

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18 Dec 2018

Three driving apps every motorist should be using in 2019

Your smartphone’s app store is a hub that’s certainly bustling with activity, especially when you consider that Statista predicted that 197 billion mobile app downloads were recorded successfully in 2017 alone. As there’s close to 7.7 billion people living on Earth currently, these stats translate to almost 25 apps being

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17 Dec 2018

Dubai’s Dynamic Tower will be the first shape-shifting skyscraper in history

Dubai is an extravagant city, famous to be both modern and luxurious. By 2020, the city’s dramatic skyline is to have a particularly unique addition, called the Dynamic Tower of Dubai, which will be the first shape-shifting skyscraper in history. Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture was inspired for

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