Licence to Chill – If I Could Spend a Day As James Bond

If I could spend a day as my favorite film character, I would choose to spend the day as British spy James Bond. Even though there are a lot of movie characters with special powers that can do amazing things, I chose Bond because he is one of the coolest characters to ever appear on a movie screen, he has a lot of cool toys and gadgets, and sports cars.

If I could live as James Bond for a day, there are quite a few things I would love to do. One of the first things I would do is go to weapons specialist Q to get my hands on a few of the gadgets he supplies Bond with, and one of the tricked out cars he usually makes for Bond.

Once I’ve been fully equipped by Q, there will be some temptation to fight crime, but I think I will probably live that to the local authorities, unless SPECTRE has some evil plan to take over the world. If the evil organization is plotting something, I would be forced in to action and do my best to foil their plans. However, since that will likely take up most of my day, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t plan any attacks during my day as Bond.

When I’m done fighting crime, I will focus on enjoying the rest of my day as Bond.

Since Bond has access to MI6 planes, I would take a trip to Europe, going to places I have always wanted to visit, like Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome, enjoying some of the sights and sounds. As Bond, I would also make sure I get to spend some quality time driving supercars.

In the movies, Bond usually ends up wrecking his car or boat, which has always been a waste of great gadgets to me. While it is almost never intentional, it still happens a lot. If I’m Bond, I would ask Q to make two of every car/boat and keep one at home for my personal use, so when my time as Bond is over, I still have a classic customized Aston Martin to drive around.

The final thing I would do as James Bond is go to a private club to play some cards and order a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred…

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