Key Experts to Have in a Lean Startup Team

Having a strong group of people is one of the key ingredients to startup success. In a market as competitive as today, it is not always a good idea to expand the company’s size. In fact, many of the most successful startups remain agile and lean for many years.

The size of your team is not important. What’s important is the experts you add to the ranks. You can achieve so much more by having the right people filling important positions. Here are some of the key experts every lean startup team should have.

Full-Stack Development

Having at least one full-stack developer in your team can be a big advantage. As we all know, tech and non-tech startups now rely on IT-based solutions to advance and succeed. A full-stack developer is someone who can handle things from start to finish in the IT development department.

The main goal of having a full-stack developer isn’t so that you can develop solutions in-house. One person is not going to be enough, no matter how good that person is. The true benefit lies in that person’s ability to oversee projects, using his extensive knowledge at every stage of the development process.

This means you can outsource most of the development process to third-party service providers and maintain a streamlined operation throughout the company. It also means managing the risks associated with working with freelancers and third-party developers more effectively.

International Relations

Even when you want to focus on a specific segment of your local market, it is still important to build and maintain relationships with the international business community. Aside from customers, you can benefit from connecting with the right investors and governments of foreign countries.

A startup founder I know pursued an online diplomacy degree from Norwich University to be better at international relations. The online MDY program, while mainly geared towards government relations, also cover subjects on international commerce, which is handy to master.

At some point in the company’s development, expanding to new markets will be critical. When your startup reaches this point, you will be glad to know that you have someone who can handle international relationships and diplomacy in a good way.


Last but not least, every good startup needs a good marketer. You can’t expect to break into the market and acquire customers without a solid marketing campaign. More importantly, it is impossible to gain an advantage without taking extra steps to build stronger relationships with the stakeholders.

Similar to development, most of the marketing tasks can be outsourced to third-party service providers. You can, for instance, have a team of social media experts engaging your customers directly. That said, someone needs to be in charge of marketing strategy – the big picture – which is why having a good marketing expert is a must.

Add these three team members to your company and you are that much closer to success. No matter what challenges the market throws at you, your startup will be able to tackle them in an agile and effective way.

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