Keeping Traffic Flowing To Your Business’s Website

Building a website is an important first step to having web presence. But the internet is a crowded place and simply owning a site is no longer enough – you have to put in a little extra work to start seeing the visitors flooding in. Here are some extra things you can do to increase traffic to your site.

Create a blog

Regularly updating your website will make it more active, increasing its rankings on search engines and making those that visit not assume that your site in a ghost town because the last thing you posted was three years ago. The best way to regularly update your website is to start writing regular blog posts. These can be about anything you like, but ideally should be interesting enough to get people to read them, as well as being relevant to your business in order to potentially convert readers into customers. Most business owners will use their blog posts to give hints and tips to other business owners or advice to clients. These can give a sense of expertise and credibility.

Integrate social media

Having social media is as important as having a website. You can use a Facebook and Twitter page to link your friends and followers to your website, gaining it more traffic. You can also share your blog posts on social media, getting them more readers. Be careful not to be overly spammy by constantly posting links to your website – a mix of promotional and non-promotional posts is most effective with some research claiming the golden balance to be 20% promotional 80% non-promotional.


Cross-promotion involves promoting another company in exchange for them promoting yours. This works best when the company is in the same trade as you but not directly competing with you (for example, if you own a plumbing company, you might choose to cross-promote with an electrician company). In exchange for them promoting your website, you can promote theirs either by sharing on social media, writing a blog post or linking it in a recommended services section of your website. In exchange, you will get some of their traffic and they will get some of yours.

Consider SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way of increasing one’s rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. By appearing higher up the rankings, more visitors are likely to click on your website. You can improve your rankings naturally by using keywords and regularly updating your website or you can find a digital marketing company that offers SEO such as these services from Third Angle. Hiring a professional company is likely to cost a lot of money, but also likely to have more of an effect.

Promote your website offline

You can also increase traffic to your website by promoting it offline as you would with a phone number. Business cards, leaflets, outdoor signage, car stickers, branded pens and branded t-shirts are all great places to advertise your website. With almost everyone owning a smartphone, it’s worth exploiting this constant access to the internet.

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