Is Your Product As Appealing As It Could Be?

If you are in the eCommerce or distribution business, maybe you designed your unique products and are planning on launching it now, it is important that you focus on the product element of the marketing mix. If you don’t want to waste time and money in your product development, it is important that you make your merchandise as appealing as possible. Below you will find a few tips to design the marketing and appearance of your product in a way that your potential clients can connect with it.

Product Name

First, you will need to create a product name that is appealing and sends out the right message. It has to be relevant to the brand, your value and vision, as well as the expectations of your clients. Your product name needs to be unique and catchy, so people can remember it and distinguish between your merchandise and other companies’. Your product name needs to reflect your brand image and persona, so your potential buyers can connect with it on a personal level.

Distribution Channels

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It is also important that you create a unique selling proposition and communicate it through every single distribution channel. If you are building online marketing funnels, you will have to send out consistent brand messages, so you are not confusing your niche. Your unique selling proposition should be the set of characteristics that set your product aside and helps you differentiate your offer in the competitive marketplace.


You will also have to pay attention to the description of the product, and make sure that it is not misleading or boring. If you are wondering why your product doesn’t sell, chances are that you are not giving your clients enough information to make a decision. You might also not emphasize the best features of your product and its benefits. If you are having trouble with creating product descriptions that sell your product, you might need to employ a team of copywriters to help you out.

Logo and label Design

It is also important that you design the labeling and the packaging of your product in a way that it is both informative and appealing. You will want to grab the attention of your potential buyers and comply with industry standards and regulations at the same time. If you would like to save money and time you can order custom stickers for each product so your customers will get the information they are looking for.  

Value Proposition

It is crucial that you help your target customers understand the core, actual, and augmented benefits of your product. Instead of simply describing what the packaging has inside, you will need to help your customers out and give them tips on how to make the best use of it and solve their problems.

When designing your new product and trying to impress your customers, it is important that you focus on the appearance, the description, and the distribution channels as well. Choose an appealing product name and create a strong value proposition.

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