iPhone – iPad SEO Apps for Webmasters

There are endless SEO applications available for iPhone and iPad these days, and these are highly useful for the SEO webmasters. With the help of these tools, they can track the SEO activities on the websites and help their clients with getting their SEO campaign right.

The SEO apps for iPhone and iPad helps the webmasters get the flexibility and the mobility as it helps them go through the SEO analytics from anywhere in the world. Even the website owners with the knowledge and understanding of how SEO works can download the SEO apps on their iPhone or iPad and get the SEO analytics of their websites in real-time.

As the SEO world is continually changing with new updates and getting more competitive, it is essential that SEO freelancers and SEO webmasters are always updated and have the necessary tools to provide clients with quick services and SEO solutions to the clients. Here, we would discuss some of the top SEO apps for iPhone and iPad that have become quite popular among the webmasters these days.


Rankbuddy connects the user with the Google Search Console on the iPhone and the iPad. It provides the users with the complete site audit in the form of a chart and compares various statistics of the site for the past month with the current figures. A full overview of the countries, device types, pages, search queries, keyword tools, and other features are available with this application, which helps in understanding various dynamics of the SEO strategies.

SEO Pro App

SEO Pro app for iPhone and iPad is a comprehensive SEO application that lets the SEO webmaster use the keyword tool, page speed checker, white label SEO reports, on-page SEO, and backlink spy checker. It can help the webmaster get the statistics of the website in seconds, which would be highly useful during SEO meetings with clients and provide a clean yet deep insight about the website’s current SEO standing.

Google Analytics

No SEO webmaster or freelancer can do without the Google Analytics app for their iPhone and iPad as it helps them get real-time statistics about the site they are managing. It also helps in getting an idea of what is working for the site and what isn’t which helps in making essential changes in the site for better lead generation and conversion. Google Analytics helps in increasing transparency of the SEO campaigns being implemented so that webmasters understand where the campaign is headed and what needs to be done to make the implementations more result-oriented.


SEOEdge is a popular SEO app among the SEO webmasters and freelancers, and it comes in basic and pro version. This app helps the SEO webmasters to get the keyword ranking for the websites. Checking keyword ranking helps in understanding which keywords to target, and the keywords that are more competitive.

Local SEO has become highly significant these days, and thus, these SEO apps for SEO webmasters and freelancers are highly valuable. If the SEO webmasters want to target a site for ranking in local search results in Australia, or even Sydney to be more precise, the abovementioned SEO apps will help get exact results for SEO Sydney that would be instrumental in increasing the site’s traffic, lead generation, online visibility, and page rank. There are many SEO companies and webmasters such as Local Digital and others that can help the clients get the results they desire from their online marketing campaigns.

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