Interactive: How Entertainment Has Become More Personal

The world of entertainment has changed a lot in the past decade, and we have become much closer to the things we like. Back in the day if we wanted to watch a movie we’d go to the cinema, playing a video game would involve sitting down at a console in front of the TV, and listening to music would happen via a CD player. Fast forward ten years and the world has changed in a big way.

Entertainment plays a big role in all of our lives still, and there are plenty of things we can do to enjoy different forms of entertainment these days. From smartphones to smart TVs and online streaming services, entertainment has become much more interactive and much more a part of our day to day live. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which entertainment has become more personal over the years.

Mobile Entertainment

It’s pretty clear that smartphone devices have been a game changer in this regard. These days people can enjoy any kind of entertainment or experience using their phone. You can binge watch your favorite Netflix shows on the way to work every morning. You can pop on the perfect playlist to get you through that afternoon lull at work. There are also a multitude of mobile app games you can indulge in to make your days more enjoyable. There are so many different things you can do using your phone these days, and you need to understand the importance of mobile entertainment and how it has brought your favorite movies and games much closer to you.

Interactive Experiences

There are also plenty of interactive experiences you can enjoy that don’t take place (fully) on a screen. For example, the advent of events like Secret Cinema have totally transformed the way we experience watching movies. The interactive element has made this hugely popular, and an experience like no other. You also get escape room games that bring an interactive element to problem-solving puzzle games. This has seen a huge upturn in the popularity of puzzle games in recent years, and there are all sorts of themed escape rooms nowadays, like Harry Potter versions.


Virtual reality has long been touted as the future, but we are only recently getting the stage where it is becoming a viable option. There are versions of virtual reality headsets, like the Oculus Rift, that can be used to indulge in gaming or watching things in virtual reality. This is a trend that is likely to grow over the next few years, and the likes of VR gaming could well become the norm in the future. There have also been augmented reality (AR) games in recent times, such as Pokemon Go, and these could also become more popular in the future.

Entertainment has progressed a lot in the past ten years, and will most likely progress further still in the next ten. As technology improves it becomes easier for us to be more interactive with our entertainment, and make the most of what we have around us. It looks as though the future will become much more interactive and focused on virtual reality, and this could be very exciting.

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