Improve Your Productivity with MelroseTEC

We could all use a better step in our productivity. We’re all looking for the next solution, the next way to save time. It’s a rat race, and you can’t afford to spend time worrying about mediocre things. Increased productivity with MelroseTEC is a few simple clicks away; getting started is simple. Your benefits are just around the corner.

Avid Nexis Platform

If you’ve ever heard of your colleagues speaking about Avid ISIS through MelroseInc, you’ve heard about the excellent solution it plays in archiving and the immense storage capabilities. You may have also heard about the increased capabilities of Nexis, and the way that it contours to your business to help you get the solutions you need—you’d be right to believe what you hear.

Avid Solutions: The Only Way to Go

Times change, and systems change. With conditions in place for maximum business scalability, as well as increased media protection and speed, there’s nothing to lose. Between on-site hard drives and cloud solutions, you’ll be able to handle everything that comes you way, and maintain optimum storage in the event of an on-site issue.

New Features That Define Speed

When you’re dealing in hundreds of TB worth of data, it seems impossible to have cloud solutions that apply to every single aspect of your business. With Avid Nexis, you get the speed that you only thought of in your dreams.

See why numerous reputable companies choose Avid Nexis to provide their archiving and cloud-basted data storage solutions. Handle 800mbps and media aware protection like a professional, and let us help.

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