How You Can Choose the Best Bar Fridge

If you are opening or renovating a bar, then no doubt you are thinking about the best way to you’re your drinks cold. Or maybe you just want to choose the best way to store your favourite drop bottles of wine or beer at home. Getting the right fridge is of course all the difference and here we will just go over the most important points to think about when making your choice and hopefully get the best bar fridge you can.

Firstly – What Drinks Will The Be Mostly For?

Depending on whether you will be mostly chilling down beers, storing wine at its best temperature, or keeping coffee milk cool, the drinks the you will fill the fridge with should really be the point that drives your purchase decision, as far as size and type of fridge goes.

If you need a bar fridge to store one particular item, at the same temperature all the time, then make sure you choose one that will do that well. These days there are fridges that will bring drinks down to the temperature faster than other types of fridge, so if you have a busy bar for example, and you need to chill beers fast, this type of fridge might be a better option. But if you just need the fridge to keep milk at a steady temperature, there might be better options.

These days’ energy ratings and temperature guides are easily visible on new appliances like fridges and you can see which fridge will run more economically, not only in general but at different temperature points too. So matching that with the purpose of your fridge can save money long term. An expensive to run fridge that is cheap to buy up front will cost more long term.

Does The Way The Fridge Looks Matter?

Restaurant or bar fridges come in many different shapes, colours and styles. So does the way it looks affect your purchase decision. If your fridge will be tucked under a cabinet out of sight, then the way it looks is less important. If it will be in plain view of customers, then it should match the rest of your décor and vibe of your premises if possible.

Glass door fridges can be a great if you want your customers and staff to be able to see the drinks you sell with ease. But if you want a more discrete fridge that just blends in with the rest of your service area, you might prefer to have a solid door.

Where Are You Installing Your Fridge?

Is your bar fridge destined to be indoors, or will it be an outdoor fridge? Will it be in a busy kitchen, on a deck or in a quite study at home? Getting a fridge that matches the space and what the room is for is just as important as it suiting the drinks you will store.

How Important Is Energy Efficiency?

As mentioned above, different bar fridges are made to work more using more or less electricity. Some will use more power than others and so this will affect the long term cost of running the fridge. Getting the right size for example will save you money. Often one large fridge will run more efficiently than two smaller ones. Likewise, a big fridge that is only half full, or full of drinks that are not really needed, will be a bit of a waste of money.

We recommend taking your time and choosing a fridge that will be ergonomically suitable as well as energy efficient. If it will display food and drinks to customers, glass is usually better. So hopefully you make a better decision and have many happy years of cold drinks in the fridge you buy.

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