How Well Is Your Website Doing?

If you’re someone who has an online business, your website is your life. No matter if you’re retailing or just blogging your daily ins and outs, it’s a way for your to connect and do business with customers and investors alike. After all, it’s the place you post all your updates, find most of your customers, show your products and services in all their glory, and you’re absolutely proud of they way you’ve managed to build it up.

But how well is your website really doing? Do you have plenty of ways to track your analytics? Do you know what marketing is working for you and what isn’t? If not, now’s the time to get monitoring; here’s some tips.

You need to know this person on the other side of the screen; if they want to buy from you, they’re a lead! (Pexels)

Where are Your Visitors Coming From?

If you don’t know this, you might as well not know anything! You need to be able to trace leads all the way back to their sources, and if you don’t have someone’s email address on file, you’re unlikely to get repeat business from them. And that puts you at a disadvantage; people are coming and going from your website every day, but who are they? It’s a frustrating thought to be left with.

Thankfully, services like that of Anonymous Visitor Identification exist out there, and they have everything you need to be able to track down someone’s internet trail. You’ll be able to find out how they found you, if they bought anything from you, and if they’re worth following up on for a bit of repeat business you can reliably profit off of. Customer loyalty is something you have to chase after these days, so do it with a bit of advantage on your side!

Is Your Website Friendly on the Eye?

If not, it’s time to make things a bit simpler. You never know when a flashy design is going to pay off or not, so it’s always better to start plain and simple and build up from there. You can use all the colors you want, as long as they’re not overwhelming and it’s clear what the tab order is; you want every kind of customer to be able to access your site after all, so don’t accidentally marginalise an entire sector of the market.

You can use templates to help you out here, or you can simply base your designs on other websites who have managed to innovate well here. Don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do with a header and a footer, and all you need to do on your homepage is layout who you are, what you do, and the pages people can head to to find a product they’re going to love. Then your website might just notice an uptick in visitors and how long they’re staying for…

Your website is going to do well, as long as you’ve made the necessary arrangements!

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