How to ‘Wow’ the Crowds at Your Next Trade Show

Going to a trade show is one of the best ways to promote your business while creating some important new contacts. However, they can also have a reputation for being rather dull, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need to be innovative. Whether you are preparing for your first trade show, or you are looking to revamp your old one, here are some ideas that will get you noticed.

What Are Your Goals?

Before you go spending any money or time creating your stall, you need to think about exactly what it is that you want. If you are just going because everyone else is, then you won’t get the effect you are looking to achieve. Have a strategy of what you want to have by the end of the show; it could be to make a certain number of contacts or to attract a certain number of inquiries. If you don’t give yourself goals before you go, you won’t get anything.

Keep Your Brand Image

As a business, you have worked hard to cultivate your brand identity, so you should be looking to keep to that at the trade show. Your brand is the thing you want the visitors to remember, so make sure it has a prominent position on your stall. Trade shows are busy places with thousands of people attending. The show stall holders are all competing for those same visitors, so you need to have something that will catch their eye and get them to come over to you. It is the part of your design that is the most important; you want them to notice you, but, you don’t want to be over the top. Having a bright yellow banner with bright writing might get you noticed, but it might send out the wrong message.

Your Layout

When it comes to the layout of your stall, you want it to look professional and easy to browse without being cluttered. You also want to make it easy for the visitors to see and hear what you are offering; if you have slides or a presentation, then show it on tablets placed on an iPad stand, which will make it easier for the visitors to see and lead other to come over to look. Don’t be afraid to have cards or leaflets on your stand for people to take, and make sure you have all of your business contact details there.

Social Media

Social media can be an immense help to you at trade shows; you can post regular updates from the show, and encourage people to pop along and see you. To make things interesting, you could hold a competition and post a message about it. If there are any followers at the show, it might encourage them to come over.

The important thing about trade shows is that you go there with the intention to have fun and talk to as many people as possible. Then, you will have a more successful time.

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