How to Turn Your Office Space into Your Very Own Sanctuary

How to Turn Your Office Space into Your Very Own Sanctuary

The image of the office cubicle is the very symbol of how cold, confining and impersonal a workplace can be and if your company hasn’t caught onto open-plan just yet, you might find yourself in a cube every day. Don’t despair, because with a bit of creativity you can make your cubicle yours. Thankfully cubicle-bound workplaces are falling by the wayside and if you’re looking for office space to rent in London, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how light and spacious (and cubicle-free) many premises are.

Can the clutter

A load of papers, hole-punches and empty polystyrene cups is the visual equivalent to a mish-mash of distracting noises. Get rid of everything you don’t need and organise the things you do need.

Divide your work into neat piles – stuff you’ve done, stuff you’re working on and the next load of stuff you have to work on. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, talk to your manager and ask to order one. Think about the clean desk policy espoused by IBM – leave nothing on your desk at the end of the day. When you return in the morning, you’ll be ready to go again.

Mood lighting

Your lighting can affect your mood and performance – you might not be able to get rid of bleaching fluorescent overheads, but you can create your own little bubble with some soft lamps or even some string lights. If low light is a problem, get a downward-angled desklamp and your eyes will thank you forever.

Bring a bit of home with you

Once you’ve decluttered, install a few home comforts in the empty spaces. Photos of family, friends and pets will make you smile and can provide a talking point for colleagues.

Low maintenance plants are another good idea, although you’ll have to check with co-workers to avoid allergies. Click here to read more about allergies.

A small blanket or cushion works wonders as well – if mornings are cold, or the air-con is a bit much, or if you’re just feeling blah, a comforting blanket is what you need.

Animal magic

If you have a particularly creative workplace, ask if you can set up a fishtank. If you suggest it, you need to be responsible for it going forward, although it’s likely your colleagues will want to get in on the action as well.

Eat, live, work

Bring in crockery and cutlery from home – it’s much better than wasting resources on disposables and gives you a touch of home comfort.

Inject some humour

Hang up amusing pictures or photos on your walls, just for something to laugh at or talk about. You need, however, to make sure that you change them regularly, as seeing the same old joke for years on end is (ahem) no joke. Steer clear of controversy, keep it light and up-to-date and you’re all good.

A benefit of switching out your funnies is that co-workers will come to see what the latest one is, creating conversation and fun. A simple pack of googly eyes is a winner – be as creative as you can be.


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