How To Speed Up A Slow-Working Employee

Is there a member of your team operating at a slower pace than everybody else? While you may make assumptions as to why…

  • They are bone-idle!
  • They are incompetent at what they do.

There may be other, less damning reasons as to why they are working at a slower pace than you would prefer.

  • They may be a perfectionist, focussing on quality rather than the quantity of the work they do.
  • They may be feeling unhappy at work, causing their performance level to drop.
  • You may have given them too much work to do, so they are working slowly because they are simply exhausted or have little time on their hands.
  • The employee may not be incompetent, but their skills may not be particularly strong in certain areas of your business.

As the person in your charge, it is your duty to find out what the problem is. Productivity and efficiency will suffer if you don’t, and your business will struggle to meet targets. The first thing you need to do is actually talk to the employee. Ask the pertinent questions: Are you enjoying the job? Is there anything you are struggling with? What is slowing you down? After (hopefully) discovering the answer, you can then begin to take action.

  • If they are suffering from a lazy attitude, then you need to take charge of the situation. There is advice here,, that may be useful to you. Lazy behaviour cannot be tolerated, and if you don’t take action, you may cause dissatisfaction amongst your staff, as well as encouraging others to follow a lazy work ethos.
  • If your employee is unhappy, then you need to find out why. There may be issues in or out of work that is affecting their performance. While it may feel like prying, it is in your best interest to know the reason, and if it is work-related, you may be able to do something about the issue. We also recommend you read the advice we gave you here,, to enhance your employee’s happiness level in your workplace.
  • If your employee is overworked, feeling tired, or spending too long on certain tasks than others, then you need to streamline their workload. As with most aspects of business, there is software available to help your employee work faster and more efficiently. Take a look here, for one example available to you.
  • If the employee is struggling with the work you have given them to do, then you may need to rethink their position. Perhaps they are the proverbial square peg in a round hole, so you should consider putting their skills to better use elsewhere. That may well benefit you and the employee. Alternatively, you may need to put training in place, giving the employee the tools they need to do the job more efficiently.

So, before you come down hard on your slow-working employees, threatening them with less pay or the loss of their job, consider the other reasons why their work pace isn’t up to par. Take whatever action you need to, and get your employee and your business back up to speed!

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