How to Keep Your Laboratory More Organized

If you work in a laboratory, you’re working to benefit many people. Whether it’s medical research or business related, it all needs to be created and experimented with before it can be given to those who need to use it. You’re important, and so is your lab – keeping it organized can help you to work smarter and more efficiently. Here’s how to do it.

Set Rules

Labs can be dangerous places, so there need to be plenty of rules in place to ensure that no one gets hurt, and no equipment gets damaged. Try to put the rules into a regular routine, so that everyone knows exactly what to do when they walk through the door, when it’s time to work, when it’s time for lunch, when it’s time to clean up and so on. Keep a watch out to make sure that everyone follows the rules, and your lab should be more efficient and organized in no time.

Start Small

If your laboratory is a disorganized kind of place, start small. Start with your bench. Although they say that a messy bench shows that you’re hard at work, a messy bench also makes it difficult to do that work, and you’ll be much more productive if you keep everything clean and clear. Of course, that will take time, but the more you do it the less time it will take, and soon it will become a good habit that only takes a few moments a day. A few ideas on exactly how to organize your bench to make yourself more productive include keeping the tools you need on the side of your dominant hand, so you can reach them more easily; keep a trash bin close to you at all times; keep your notebook away from possible spills.


The equipment in a lab is essential, so you need to make sure you have the best your company can afford. Finding a great lab equipment supplier such as American Kuhne means that your large equipment such as extruders can not only be delivered in a cost effective way, but also maintained and repaired should they need to be. This means that your downtime is as short as possible, and that equates to more productivity. Looking after your lab equipment (especially the more expensive items) is paramount, and by including the cleaning and maintaining of them in your regular rules and routines, you can extend their life.

Stock Takes

Running out of materials or chemicals at the wrong time can be costly, so it’s important to conduct regular stock takes so you know exactly what you have in your lab. Keep a running total and set a minimum limit that, when it is reached, an order is automatically placed (this can be done on a computer using a database or specific ordering software, or you can simply write in on a sheet of paper that’s keep in the stock room). No matter how it is done, the important thing is that you do it. That way, you’ll never run out of important items. It also means that you won’t accidentally over-order because you’re not sure how much is left – and that will save you money.

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