How to Keep Employees in Your Business for Longer

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire an employee that is loyal and will stick with you forever? It’d be great to have that kind of dedication in business, where your members of staff will stick with your company until it goes under. While it does sound too good to be true, it’s something that can be achieved as long as you’re willing to inspire, lead and respect your employees.

Keeping an employee for a long time is possible, but it depends on your approach. Coercing your staff to stay with bullying and threats is not a good way to grow a company culture. A better approach would be to offer them job security, opportunities to advance in the future and to take care of their future worries so that they have less to worry about and more time to focus on their actual job. In fact, the most important aspect of keeping your employees in your business is to keep them happy. As long as they come to work with a smile on their face and leave feeling satisfied that they’ve done a good job, they’ll stick around for longer than you might expect.

When not to keep employees

Before we get started with keeping your employees, let’s take a moment to discuss an important situation where you should not keep your employees for too long.

Talented individuals will come and go from your business, and it’s important to recognise when someone joins your company with big dreams. These talented individuals should help your business, but then they should go on to do bigger things. Don’t hog talent in your company, let them expand their horizons and go on to chase their goals. It sounds silly to advise letting go of talented individuals, but keeping talented people locked in your business is a poor way to treat people that have contributed to your success. Some people are destined for great things, and it’s important that you don’t hold them back. Many employees are satisfied enough with the job you provide them, and it’s fine to keep these people who are content. However, if you hire someone that possess an exceptional level of talent and works hard, then you need to learn when to let them go to prevent them from dulling their skills, or worse, becoming frustrated with your business.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at ways to keep your employees happy and keep them.

Give your team more freedom

First of all, make sure you give your team a bit more freedom when it comes to making decisions. Creative freedom is important if you want to motivate your staff to produce better results, but it also helps to create fresh ideas for your company. Locking them with restrictions isn’t going to promote good ideas. All it will do is make your company stale, and your staff will grow tired of following your orders and being unable to actually contribute to your company.

Stop micromanaging everything

If you look over the shoulders of your staff every day, then you’re doing what’s called micromanagement. If you constantly have to stick your hands into your staff’s work, then you’re not trusting them enough to let them make their own decisions. Micromanagement is dangerous and can cause lots of long-term issues with the workflow of your company. If you put yourself in a position where you have to personally approve every document or decision that comes out of your workforce, then it will slow things down and ultimately harm your company.

Hire human resources experts

It’s important to look for human resource help when your workforce grows large enough to be autonomous. When you first start your company, you’ll have a hand in most of the major decisions regarding your employees. For instance, you might have the final say in whether an employee is hired or fired, and you’ll have to settle disputes between your staff if there’s a disagreement. When it reaches a point where you can’t physically handle this anymore, you need to hire human resource experts that are capable of offering assistance and dealing with most of the common disputes. Of course, their decisions will usually go through you first if it’s something major, but a human resources department will be able to keep staff happy without requiring you to monitor every little thing.

Outline a career plan for your employees

Make sure you give your employees a chance to grow in the future. If you’re going to keep them on a basic wage forever then they don’t have any motivation to stick with you. Offer future promotions or pay rises for loyal employees, and give bonuses to employees that suggest good ideas. Rewarding people based on their contribution to the business will ensure that your employees feel like they have a place in your company, instead of being treated as temporary workers that can be replaced in the future.

Provide support outside of the workplace

It’s not just workplace support that you need to provide, but you also should be helping your employees with their other commitments too. For instance, if someone needs time off because they want to take care of their sick child, then it’s good to give them that opportunity. A great way to ensure that your staff can take care of other commitments while still being productive is to allow them to work remotely. For instance, if your employee needs to leave work early to pick up their child, then give them a laptop to work from so they can finish their work from home.

Some final words

These are just a couple of examples on how to treat your staff well. By following these tips, you’ll quickly gain respect from your employees, which will convince them to stay because they have a future with your company, and not because you’re paying their salary. In short, keep staff happy, ensure they have a future at your company and try your best to make their lives stress-free.

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