How to Integrate Technology into Your Restaurant Business

Modern technology has allowed for time- and money-saving innovations that just weren’t practical in the past due to cost and other limitations. The contemporary business owner often survives off a shoestring budget, and any opportunity to eliminate waste and increase efficiency should be taken to protect their livelihood. Margins can be razor-thin in a restaurant: you have to make the most of what’s available to ensure your business succeeds.

Here are some ways you can use technology to boost customer satisfaction and keep your budget out of the red.

Tabletop Tablets Featuring a Digital Menu

Devices to replace outdated paper menus and eliminate the need for wait staff are on the rise in all sectors of dining. Digital order management systems allow a much higher degree of accuracy for placed orders, eliminating any errors that could come with a human waiter. A picture is worth a thousand words, and high-resolution images can sell your dishes far better than the short description a traditional menu ever could. You can also offer the benefit of paying at the table, using credit card or mobile payments – which eliminates the sometimes long waits your clients have to endure when they just want to leave.

Though initial costs may seem high for an all-digital system, the money-saving aspects can absolutely make up for it down the road. Paper menus may seem cheap at first, but if you change offerings with the seasons and availability, then you’re going to be spending a lot on paper and printing fees. Digital menus work with your POS and inventory systems as well, allowing you to monitor your business and customer trends more closely than ever. You can even find restaurant table tops for sale that incorporate anti-theft features to protect your investment.

Wi-Fi for Guests

With mobile network providers becoming increasingly stingy with the amount of data you’re allowed to transmit from your device – and website and service data requirements skyrocketing – people are always looking for Wi-Fi hotspots. If you want to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests, free and reliable internet access can be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to accomplish this goal. You’re also going to attract freelancers or groups of professionals who need a solid internet connection to work or make presentations.

Online Menus, Booking, and Orders

Finding information about a restaurant you’ve never been to before can be an absolute chore if the owners haven’t invested any time into making it available online. Customer calls asking about menu options, hours of operation, pricing and placing to-go orders can slow down the pace of your day-to-day business operations. You can save days’ worth of time not having to answer simple questions by offering an online menu and some basic information, and it only costs you an hour or so of your time. Online ordering shouldn’t be ignored either, as many restaurant goers prefer it over phone ordering.

Even basic amenities like an online presence can increase your customer base and keep them coming back. Don’t ignore the major benefits you can gain from integrating tech into your operations; you do so at the detriment of your investment and employment. These three examples are but a few of the many changes any restaurant can make to improve efficiency and generate additional business.

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