How to Inspire Staff Loyalty When Running a Small Business

When you run a small business, it’s sometimes hard to get the best staff. Chances are, you can’t compete with larger companies in terms of the salary you can offer, and there might not be as much room for progression in a small team. So, what can you offer to attract good staff and inspire the loyalty you need from them?

Your Time

One advantage of running a small business and employing fewer staff is that you can give them more of your time as a great leader. Get to know your employees, spend time chatting with them. Then, take the time to help them.  One way to save money on staff costs is employing young and inexperienced staff. Take time to help them develop, give them regular feedback and advice and help them find ways to improve. They will value this time enormously. Especially if they can see how hard you work and how much your business means to you.

The Chance to Help You Grow

If your business is new, it’s about to go on a very exciting journey. Taking a business from development, to launch and then building it into a success is in many cases a once in a lifetime experience. It’s challenging, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. You are giving your employees the opportunity to be a part of something special. They’ll learn a lot about all aspects of business and gain unique experience along the way.


Many small business owners shy away from the idea of offering their staff bonuses as they can end up being very expensive. However, they don’t have to be. Incentives don’t have to be monetary. You could buy them all a gift like these at at Christmas time or when the business has done particularly well. Or you could take them out for a drink after work. Bonuses and incentives don’t have to be huge; even a small token is enough to make staff feel appreciated and increase their loyalty.

Your Loyalty

If you are asking for commitment from your staff, you have to give it in return. Stick by them when they are struggling or if they are having a hard time at home. Care about them and help them when they need it. Don’t go off looking for a replacement the first time something goes wrong. If there are any issues with their performance that the time to sit down and have a conversation with them. Help them find ways that they can improve.


One problem many employees have is a lack of flexibility from their employer. With more people than ever working around childcare or other commitments, there is a growing need for flexibilty, which you can read about at: The last thing your staff need is to be worrying about losing their job when they need some flexibility. Offer flexible working hours where you can and go out of your way to fit your employee’s needs into your business plan.

Generally, as with most things, you have to give something to get something back. Give your staff your time and attention, as well as loyalty and flexibility and they, are sure to show you enormous levels of loyalty in return.

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