How to Increase your Blog Traffic

Being a blogger is a lot of work if you want it to be successful. You need to create regular content that your readers like, and you also want to engage with them on social media. Sometimes, however, even with hard work, you might not be getting the traffic you want. It doesn’t mean it is your fault; sometimes there are ways you can improve your traffic.

Target Your Audience

It might sound obvious, but are you creating the type of content that your readers like to read? You don’t have to write just for them, in fact, many bloggers write just for themselves, but you might not be targeting the right people. Therefore, it’s best to find a happy medium.

If you are a Sci-Fi fan, for example, targeting an audience who enjoys traditional baking might not be a subject they can understand. Try to follow people who like Sci-Fi on Twitter and Facebook and see what happens. Tailor your content for yourself, but also reach out to those who are certain to enjoy it. Hire a specialized content creator if you need to. Whatever works, just remember to write for YOUR audience.

Mingle with Your Target Audience

There are always opportunities to mingle with your target audience. You can reply to comments on your social media accounts, or have them take part in polls.

Another good way to get involved is to go on forums that are linked to the things you like to write. Not only will you meet like-minded people, but you can also share your blog posts and gain more traffic.

If there are any other places where your audience participates, then consider participating there as well to get people to your site.

Post Regularly

There is no substitution for posting content regularly, especially if you want to gain a bigger audience. If you don’t have the time to write more, then consider getting someone to help you. It could be a freelance writer or someone else who has submitted an article to you.

The more content you can upload to your site, the more you can drive traffic and get found by search engines.  

Social Media

You are probably using social media anyway, but trying to get those articles on there is a big plus to your profile. There are other ways that you can reach more people on social media, for example, you can pay for ads to show up on people’s timelines, and you can try adding yourself to groups that cover your blog interest.

You should also think about how many times you post your articles. Don’t just post them the once, try to post them at least twice, but at different times, so it reaches more people. However, make sure you post outside of your blog.

Listen to Your Analytics

If you aren’t using the analytics on your social media and website, then you should start doing so. It can give you a lot of information and show you how each new post performs. If you post something that gets a lot of views, you can try this angle again. Analytics can also tell you who is visiting and where they are, this can help in tailoring your content.

These few simple things can help to improve your traffic and get you more visitors on your social media. Both of these things can lead to more organic visitors in the future.

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