How To Host a Corporate Event

Business is that of an ever-evolving world and the opportunity for growth is incredible. In order for a business to grow, one must get their name and message out there for audiences to see and recognise. One of the best ways for a business to do this is by hosting a corporate event. A corporate event is a time in which a business hosts an event, whether it’s just a small event for employees of the company, or a bigger event for other business’ to join. This is a chance for the company to build up strong relationships with other business’ who could be potential clients.

To host a memorable and compelling corporate event does not come easy, you must dedicate much of your creativity, imagination, experience and expertise. If your time and effort is implemented in the right ways, your business has the potential to be very successful. So if you’re seeking advice on organising a corporate event, follow these basic tips. But don’t forget to add all the above to make your event interesting to your audience!

Determine a theme

In determining a theme, you give the event a purpose. Although this won’t be the only reason for the event, it gives it a main goal in which you are able to build up a strategy and think of relevant aims and objectives throughout. Firstly, you want to pick an interesting theme because if you don’t the audience will not comply and you ultimately waste both your time and theirs. You want to excite your guests – this is one of the key factors in creating a successful marketing campaign and encouraging the growth and interest of your business. Ask yourself why you have decided to host the event: Is it to create awareness for the company or a product? Is it to develop customer loyalty? Or is it lead generation?

Check the calendar

Plan efficiently by checking that no other industry events are on the same date that you plan to host your corporate event. This means that your target audience will most definitely be available and so you can ensure more people will come along. It is also important to consider hosting your event on a date which is likely not to clash with popular vacation times.

Set-up a marketing plan

Thoroughly plan your event. By planning you are able to execute yourself more confidently and portray your company in a professional and sophisticated manner. If you’re worried about not enough guests turning up, you can market the event through all forms of social media. This is a great way to get your business event heard about through the use of hashtags, videos, events etc. and it’s all free! You can also offer similar business’ an incentive to promote your business and get your name heard of. There is also the opportunity to try and get your business listed on a site, which caters to the right audience. There are websites which specialise in listing events, so it’s a good way to get yourself heard of on one that is most suitable and relevant to your company.

Partner up with other business’

Consider partnering up with other non-competing business’ who possess a similar clientele. In doing so, you can ensure that you will attract even more guests and can reach out to a wider audience. Marketing the event to a larger quantity of people will allow you to engage with more people who you would perhaps not have encountered otherwise.

Provide excellent customer service

In order to portray a professional and high standard business, you should offer guests top customer service throughout the event. Remember, this is not a pitch, it is merely an event in which you can get your message out there, give people an understanding of who you are, get to know people, and hopefully meet new clients. Above all, you are giving the audience reasons why they could be interested in you – so be careful how you approach your live discussion.

Furthermore, you should welcome any questions the audience might have at the end. This should be followed by a de-brief, where people stay to have a discussion, have general chats about similar interests, exchange business details and build strong entities. This is also a chance where you can hear some general feedback about the event from your attendees so you can gauge how successful it was and what kind of growth this could lead to.

Accommodating guests

One key factor of the event, which often people forget about is the need to accommodate all your guests. You want to plan everything as early as possible in order to ensure that the event goes as smooth as possible, but when the number of attendees keeps increasing, it’s hard to gauge exactly how much seating you are going to need. It is necessary for you to be flexible with how many guests might arrive. With the use of stackable chairs, you can be sure to accommodate for anybody in need of a seat. Their ability to be stacked maximises space, but when necessary can offer immediate extra seating. They are not only tasteful, but their ability to provide and remove seating quickly, efficiently and subtly are key in maintaining a professional representation for your company. Ultimately, guests left to stand will get fed up, agitated and potentially leave and this will do no good for your corporate event or the success in business growth!

A venue is also significant in this. This might change over time due to the increase in amount of guests. Be open and flexible to change venues and encourage more people to attend your event.

Amending mistakes

Finally, the last issue to cover is to prepare when things go wrong. Beforehand, you should make a list of two columns. The first column should cover what things might go wrong during the event and the second column should cover how you would rectify this. Ask yourself a number of ‘what if?’ questions and establish how you would continue the event in this instance. Our tip is to expect the unexpected as anything could go wrong, such as lighting, sound and so on, but as long as you’re prepared for it nothing can ruin your event.

Indeed planning a corporate event can be tricky, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It’s one of the best things you can do in order to get your company and its persona across to an audience. This kind of event is what turns interested audience members into potential new clients. It is the chance for a company to educate others about their message, why they matter and how they could be beneficial.

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