How to Get the Most out of a Business Conference

Conferences are nothing to fear, even for those of you who feel yourself going as red as ripening tomato when you speak in front of more than five people. They are a simple and effective way to communicate your message with prospective customers, clients and even the media, and shouldn’t be ignored because of a fear of speaking in public. Holding a successful conference can generate awareness about your brand and the products you offer — here are some tips on how to make yours a success.

Prepare the room beforehand

There are a whole host of things that you should prepare in the room that the conference will be held in. These include: checking the locations of electrical outlets so that you don’t look unprofessional in front of those you are presenting the conference to by searching for where you can plug things in, such as lights or even microphones, in their presence; make sure the table that is going to be sat at is long enough to seat all of those who will be joining you (you don’t want anybody having to sit on the floor); display visuals or backdrops, which may include a custom media wall, charts or posters, clearly; and have refreshments such as coffee, tea, water or even food readily available for anybody who desire it.

Define your message

Make sure that you are fully prepared and ready to give every single bit of detail you possibly can about the message you are aiming to send, whilst doing so in a concise manner. Each message you give should be summarised to three to five points, so as not to lose the focus of those listening to you. You should also double-check that the information you have prepared to give is right both in print and in speech; also try to give all of your messages without reading them from a piece of paper.

During the conference

And then when those you will be giving the conference to begin to arrive, don’t let all the preparation you’ve done go to waste. Welcome everybody who has joined you and don’t start later than five minutes after the scheduled time. Give all the information you have prepared and pay no attention to your reddening face or the occasional word that you may slur. Try to refrain from using fillers such as ‘erm’ and ‘well’, but also don’t leave the room sitting in silence for more than five seconds. Communicate with your clients coherently and get straight to the point as much as possible. Also, be prepared for questions to fly your way — some of which you will not have prepared for. For such instances, be as truthful as possible, rather than letting the pressure induce a lie that you will not be able to back-up once the conference is over. And when it is over, make sure to say goodbye to everybody personally, leaving them with the image of you being a polite person to possibly do business with. And of course, this has to be matched with a firm handshake.

If you ever find yourself having to scale-up completely by doing a press conference, make sure to check these tips here. But for now, don’t go into the conference unprepared, but don’t over-think it.

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