How to Generate More Leads for Your Online Store to Boost Conversion

To sell online, you will need to increase traffic to your online store. Ecommerce business has become a successful venture and thus most people are going in that direction. You have to employ unique and aggressive marketing strategies, or outsource to a SEO agency, to drive traffic and sales. The following are some of the key points to follow:

Have a mobile app for your store

Mobile applications can work magic. You can come up with an app that customers can download on their mobile devices for ease of shopping and purchase from your store. Encourage them to install the application on their mobile devices. The more the people download it the more they are interested in your business and this will generate more leads which will lead to conversion.

Make it easy to navigate your online store

Everything has to be strategically placed or easy to find. This means that you have to arrange your online store in a manner which customers will find it easy to navigate. For example, you can categorize your products into groups such as electronics, furniture and the like. This will help to generate leads to your ecommerce site as potential customer will find what they are looking for. Also, the products should have clear images in a way that customers are easily able to identify the product fast.

Ask for people to register

It should be at the bottom of your every content. Once you write informative and interesting content on your website, you should leave a form where people can register. You will be able to collect those leads such that you can email them whenever you want. For example, you can email them brochures, new product lists, new price lists and also inform them about discounts in your store. This will enhance direct marketing and sales for your business.

Improve your site’s online visibility

If your page is not on the first page of Google search engine, then you need to do a bit more of content marketing. This will first call for search engine optimization (SEO). Use keywords in your content so that it can improve rank on search engines. This will help make it easy for your target audience to find your page. To make sure that you are doing the right thing, hire a SEO agency to take care of the keyword research, content creation and optimization of the same for both search engines and people.

Engage your followers on social media

You do not have to engage them with a promotional material. You can simply tell interesting stories that not related to your business. People love to socialize on topics that affect them rather than those that benefit you. For example, posting promotional materials on social media for your followers will lead to less engagement as compared to when you post relevant and interesting content. Choose a reliable SEO agency to research on the best content to share with your followers depending on their interests. You have to do more of the latter to keep people glued to your brand. This will help them to visit your social media profile and access a links to your website which increases traffic.

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