How to Design a Business Card That Gets Noticed

How many times have you made a new acquaintance at a networking event, become engaged in discussion, suggested you exchange contact details, and they do not have a business card? Or perhaps it was you who was unprepared. Either way, it is a situation that simply should not happen.

I store all the business cards I receive, and I recently performed the routine activity of following up on them. Looking through a handful of business cards, I noticed some were obviously more aesthetically appealing than others. This brought the following question to mind: “What is it about some business cards that makes them particularly impressive and attention-grabbing?

Your business card serves as a first introduction to your business. It gives the recipient a quick glimpse at you, your brand, and what you can offer them. When you are designing your next business cards, here are some tips to help leave a lasting impression.

Be consistent with colour

All your marketing materials should be on brand, and your business cards are no exception. Ensure the colours used are consistent with your logo, website, and all other branding materials.

Use a branded email address

Maximise your perceived credibility as a professional by including a branded email address on your business card. Using a generic @gmail or @hotmail address will make you appear unprofessional and unestablished. Your customers want to deal with a company that is serious about what it does. Make it obvious to them.

Keep fonts consistent

As with your use of color, the font used on your business card should be completely consistent with your broader brand image. If you use a combination of Helvetica and Open Sans on your website, then it might make sense to use the same on your business cards. As a rule of thumb, only one or two different fonts and font sizes are needed for the best appeal.

Use a custom-made design

Your business card provides an opportunity to show that you are different from the rest. For this reason, you should avoid the standard templates offered by some of the larger printing companies. These mass-distributed layouts are cliché, and they will do very little to impress your potential customers.

Experiment with advanced finishes

If you really want your business card to get noticed, you should consider going for an unconventional card design. Many printing companies now offer attention-grabbing finishes, such as Spot UV and Soft Touch. It is surprising how much a subtle change of material can improve the overall appeal of the card.

Try out custom shapes

Who said printed business cards must be rectangular? You can now opt for cards of all shapes and sizes: square, circular, or even star-shaped if you so desire. This subtle quirk can help to differentiate you from the competition, increasing the chance of future business.

There are many ways of differentiating yourself from your competition. Make sure you use them to turn acquaintances into connections.

This article was written by Kumo Ink, a print and design studio in Edinburgh.

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