How Tech Is Changing The Gaming World

For many of us, enjoying a day gaming in the comfort of our home sounds ideal. In today’s modern world, the vast wealth of games available can make it sometimes overwhelming to choose one. From playing at a popular online games to simulated realities where you build your very own virtual life, gaming is arguably one of the most popular pastimes. However, the modern advancements in technology are changing and shaping the way that the new generation of gamers enjoys their favorites – old and new.

Games Consoles

The humble games consolesfirst burst onto the market way back in the 1960s. It involved playing a game via a huge computer connected the vector displays. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since then. While gaming consoles in the early days could be found in arcades, nowadays they are more commonly found in the home. In the modern gaming world, the top consoles at home can include PlayStation and Xbox.

The advancement in technology has meant these consoles not only support a variety of games, but they can also be used for playing applications such as Netflix and YouTube. The newest models can be connected to the home WiFi to allow players to take part in online games, supported by the console server. PlayStation’s PSN is a key example of a console server. When players access the PSN, they can not only communicate with fellow gamers across the world; they can upload pictures taken during a game, add their top score, and partake in multi-player games, such as Call of Duty or Fifa. The downside, however, to the online server is it can leave players vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacks.     

It’s not only games consoles that you hook up to your TV that are changing the gaming world. The popularity of handheld consoles is on the rise once again, meaning gamers can take their favorites anywhere they want. While some may think handheld consoles had their day in the early 90s with the emergence of ‘Game Boy’, they are now becoming loved again by a new generation, especially as the advancements in software means you can access WiFi if your location permits it.   

Online Gaming

Not only do the updates to the game console include the ability to partake in your games online, but the emergence of dedicated websites and online servers you can access anywhere has also opened up the world of gaming to a larger audience. Instead of having to buy a specialized disc to play on your computer, these days online gaming stores have a variety of games you can download straight to your computer.

The sophisticated changes in computer softwarehave improved graphics tenfold, and it also means that sites, where you play solely online, can now host a large volume of traffic. Nowadays when you’re playing on the World Wide Web, the heightened graphics now make you feel the atmosphere of a real game. You can also take part in real-life competitions, win cold hard cash and socialize with fellow gamers, all by simply creating an account on dedicated websites.  

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