How Rough Diamonds Are Used in Industry

When people think about diamonds, they mostly think about jewelry. However, only about 20 percent of the mined diamonds in the world are used for cosmetic purposes. The other 80 percent of the mined diamonds are used for industrial purposes, but mostly as drill bits.

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How diamonds are used in used industrially today

1. Technology And Research

Diamonds are great heat conductors, making them useful to scientists in laboratories. The diamonds are put in heat sinks to absorb excessive heat from heat-sensitive objects. They are also used to coat fighter jet windows to make them scratch proof. In other cases, diamonds are used in x-ray machines.

Diamonds are also heavily used in the electronics industry to control the movement of electrons from place to place. Most of the electronic devices used today that have diamonds in them include personal computers, mobile phones, wearables, and tablets.

2. Polishing/Grinding

Optical lens producers use diamond grit in the grinding wheels used to grind optical lenses. They also use the powder and grit to grind edge plate glass and polish the tip of carbide grinding machines.

3. Cutting

When it comes to cutting hard materials, diamonds are often used because it is the hardest known material and makes cutting hard materials much easier. Tools that are used to cut hard materials usually have diamonds inserted into their cutting blades to improve the machine’s capabilities. Tools like saws also have diamonds embedded in them to cut crystals and other hard materials.

4. Drilling

The most common use for diamonds is to help with drilling. In the oil and gas industry, diamonds are used in the drill bits to allow their machines to drill deeper than they normally would because the diamond can penetrate any surface. The diamonds are also used to harden ream shells, which are used in cutting.

These are some of the ways diamonds are used industrially. Industry experts believe that as research improves, the ways diamonds are used in the industry will increase. The ability to create synthetic diamonds will also help drive down the cost of producing industrial diamonds and increase the availability of diamonds.

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