How IT Could Revolutionise Your Business

IT and technology are rapidly changing the way that businesses work. It is no longer necessary to have an office full of people working 9-5 and doing business is not about exchanging lengthy phone calls or visiting clients for meetings. In fact, there is very little left of the old ways of doing things.

Remote working and automation are becoming much more popular ways to run businesses now and as we all make the switch, it is more and more expected. So what can you change? And, once you have changed, what will your role become?

Remote Working

Working in an office has never been the most efficient way of working and most people find that their productivity increases when they are in the comfort of their own home. This is true for a variety of reasons but chief among them are the simple facts that working without the distraction of colleagues or being drawn into unnecessary meetings about meetings gives employees more time to work through their workload. The difference is so great that some businesses may even consider disposing of the office completely.

The key to setting up remote workers on either a full time or part time capacity is IT infrastructure. You need to ensure that your workers are able to access the systems and information they need to work efficiently from home. An IT company like Red Key Solutions could certainly help to establish a system and then be able to offer continuous IT support systems to ensure its success.


Of course, many jobs humans used to do are now very easy to automate. For example, chatbots can be used to greet guests entering a website and offer them further guidance using a relatively simple script. Similarly, automated emails are surely familiar with most people now and can be set up to respond to particular behaviors. So, if someone puts something in their basket and doesn’t convert, an email may be sent the following day to remind them about it and encourage them to check out.  

The more your business can automate, the fewer people you will need to hire and pay in order to successfully run the business. This is a much cheaper way of running your business and it eliminates human error too. People are now becoming much more comfortable dealing with robots and chatbots so it makes sense for you to use them to your advantage as well.

How do People Fit in With Technology?

There is plenty of concern about how people are supposed to fit in with technology now that more and more jobs can be done automatically. As an alternative to human obsolescence, you might like to think of this technological revolution as an opportunity to redirect your staff into more creative roles.

Putting humans in more creative, problem-based roles is definitely the best way to run a business. Where technology can follow a script, our main ability is still that we can work around problems and figure out new ways of doing things.

While the bots are answering banal questions, you can focus on creating solutions.

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