How Charities Can Increase Their Donations

When you’re managing an email campaign, you need to be confident that you’re retaining old donors while energizing new ones, that your emails are going to the correct receivers, and that you’re offering relevant information. Email marketing results in one-third of all online fundraising revenue, therefore, you’ll want to make a big impact this November’s Giving Tuesday.

Clarity and Progress

Ensure your emails are written clearly, so you can explain the cause, the fundraising event, how people can help and how past donations have helped. Without overloading them with information, make it clear that you have a plan and keep them up to speed with how it’s going. This can be done with re-engagement messages, which might be a good idea, since 64% of revenue comes from repeat donors rather than first timers.  


All emails should be personalized. This can be achieved by gathering data on your past and new donors. You will want to segment your email campaigns based on past behaviors, and marketers have discovered a 760% increase in email revenue since making the transition from a one size fits all message to segmented and personalized campaigns. Remember, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened, and by including a relevant video, open rates have increased by up to 13%.

Drive Awareness for Giving Tuesday

As opposed to the 93% of people who are aware of Black Friday, only 18% of people know of Giving Tuesday. Therefore, you’ll need to curate an effective email campaign to make a difference and gather more donations. The best way to do this is to create emails that are mobile device friendly. On an average day, 53% of emails are read on mobile devices; this increases to 75% during the holiday season. Make sure your emails are templated for multiple devices, and if you’re currently unsure, double check.

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