Home Free: What You Need to Work from Home Effectively

A lot of people think about working from home, or even running a small business from home, but most people seem to dismiss the idea pretty quickly. Why? Often because it doesn’t seem very feasible. Or maybe the right opportunity hasn’t quite shown up. Or, perhaps, they got suckered in by one of those “I EARNED $9999 A DAY IN MY PYJAMAS AT HOME CLICK HERE” schemes and have since been turned off the entire thing.

But working from home is entirely possible and is a practice that is becoming more and more prevalent all the time, across many different industries. It’s just a case of making sure you’re actually properly equipped to deal with the pressures of working from home.

And yes, emphasis on the word “pressures”. Don’t fall for the line of thinking that suggests that working from home is automatically easier than working directly on-site. Sure, there are a lot of benefits to it that some may feel makes the job easier overall, but it’s still demanding, and the job that you do may require more productivity from you than a “regular”, non-remote job would.

So here are the things you need to make sure you’re in the right headspace when it comes to working hard from home.

Good coffee

Ohhh yes. We can’t forget this. Of course, you should be combining a healthy dose of coffee throughout the day with a solid sleep schedule. But coffee definitely helps keep your brain in gear! One of the benefits of working at home is that you get to control what kind of coffee you get, as opposed to relying on whatever they provide at the office. Read more about coffee and productivity at

Strong and reliable Internet

The Internet speeds at many offices are pretty notorious for being nowhere near as fast as any given employee needs them to be. But the Internet speed at your home is entirely your domain, and you need to ensure it’s as strong and reliable as you can get it. If things are slow or you keep disconnecting, then this is going to put a massive strain on your output. Check out to read up on more reliable and speedy options.

Technical skills

You’re not going to have an I.T. support team on-site to help you out if things start to go wrong with your computer! So you need to start relying on your own knowledge. Sure, you could hire someone else to come round and do it. But learning how to do it yourself is going to be a lot faster – not to mention much cheaper! You can find resources to learn how to fix your computer yourself over at

A strict schedule

Yes, working form home does often allow you to be a lot more flexible, and can grant you a much more pleasing balance between life and work. But make no mistake: when it’s time to work, you really have to knuckle down and do your best. And in order to ensure you remain consistent and focussed, you should really be using a strict schedule to denote when you should be working every day. Learn more about effective scheduling at

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